A Word on Our Community, and Our New Forums!

From Vtiger 4.0 to 5.4, in just 8 short years, our phpBB forum has grown to support a massive community of over 76,000 users posting 135,000 posts across over 39,000 topics. The importance and influence of this space on our development over the years, given the numbers alone, can in no way be understated. With the recent spat of developments, changes in who we are as a company, and in preparation for the release of Vtiger 6 (which is now slated for release in early May), we thought that it was time to show some love to the community and resources that helped shape who we are today – so we did. Without further ado, say “hello” to your new forums (powered by Vanilla Forums!) at discussions.vtiger.com!:

discussions.vtiger.com is now live!

That being said, after more than eight years of faithful service, our trusty phpBB forum is being retired. It is currently in archived read-only mode over at forums.vtiger.com. We thought it only fair to give it a few more weeks to bask in all its former public glory before moving it to our internal museum.

forums.vtiger.com has been archived

Community members can access and post at discussions.vtiger.com using the same username and password used at forums.vtiger.com. All post histories and profile details have been retained, albeit in a different structure. We’re also training a new community manager to help our moderators who have done an amazing job these last few years in providing answers, facilitating discussions, curating content, and altogether optimizing the forum experience. Things are only looking up, so if you’re feeling the itch to start a discussion, it’s a great time to participate!
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Luuk Roovers
4 years 5 months ago

Great job guys…. Let continue ahead…

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