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Save effort and Time by using Vtiger – Zoho Sign Integration

Every organization’s day-to-day operations include a significant amount of paperwork. Several clauses, contracts, and paperwork must be signed. Electronic signatures are the most sophisticated method of signing documents. You don’t have to print or courier documents, and you don’t have to keep track of who signed what. Everything happens more quickly and at a lower cost in the long term. Businesses using e-signatures experience various benefits, including less documentation, lower paper expenses, increased productivity, and maximum security.

What is E Signature?

An e-signature, also known as an electronic signature, is a quick and legal way to approve electronic documents. It can substitute a manual signature in almost any procedure since it is secure and reliable.

You can now sign any legal document with the touch of a finger using Vtiger’s esign Module, which is now integrated with Zoho Sign. It’s quick, easy, and practically faultless, and you can sign in a few clicks from a desktop or laptop.

What is a Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign is a digital signature service that is hosted in the cloud. Instead of depending on paper files, Zoho Sign allows you to sign papers electronically or send documents for signatures. Offers, invoices, and other documents may be sent straight to clients or team members from your CRM.

Features of Zoho Sign integration with the eSign module

  • You can add multiple signatures with respective slots to your documents with a single swipe.
  • You can add brand graphics, logos, copyright symbols, and email addresses to your documents.
  • You can also monitor the progress of the document and the signee information.

So what are the benefits of this integration?

When you integrate Zoho Sign with Vtiger CRM, you have:
  • Multiple signatories
  • Complete control over how the documents are delivered and signed by the recipients.
  • A cost-effective process since all paperwork is sent by email, eliminating the need for postal and courier services.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Well-equipped secure linkages.
  • Documents are stored in the cloud, which eliminates the risk of data loss.

Using Zoho Sign

Page 6 Using Vtiger’s Zoho Sign is straightforward and can be completed in a few steps.
  • Download and install the Zoho Sign extension. Add your account information, including your signature.
  • Search for Create Esign document screen where you can add the information of the signee and slots where you want them to sign.
  • Add the recipient’s email address with an email note for extra information.
Try the ZohoSign module and other Vtiger features in a 15-day free trial.

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