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Learn about the different dimensions of Vtiger Booster Packs

Hello there!

In our previous blog, we announced the release of Booster Packs for Vtiger’s Pilot edition users.

Booster Packs are feature add-ons that will help you increase the limits of a CRM feature. They are available in the CRM menu as Add-ons and under Extensions. Booster Packs are budget and business-friendly. If you are a small or medium business that is a Vtiger Pilot edition user, then Booster Packs are just for you. It is also a perfect CRM solution for start-ups.

The Pilot edition and Booster Packs together form a powerful and cost-effective combination that will aid you in building a custom CRM compatible with your business.
If you are running out of feature limits or want to add just a single feature, you don’t have to upgrade to a higher edition of Vtiger CRM. You pick a feature limit from Add-ons, buy the required quantity, and start using it.

In this blog, we have answers to any questions you might have about Booster Packs.

  • Who can use the Booster Packs?
    Currently, Booster Packs are available only for Vtiger Pilot edition users.
  • Where can I find Booster Packs in the CRM?
    Booster Packs are available as add-ons in the Main menu. You can also access them under Settings > Extensions.
  • How do I add a Booster Pack to my CRM?
    Booster Packs are available as add-ons in the Vtiger Extension Store. Simply install, add the quantity you need, and pay. The limits are automatically increased in the CRM.
  • When will the billing for the Booster Pack start?
    Billing will start on the day the pack is installed.
  • How often will I get billed for Booster Packs?
    At the moment, we are offering Booster extensions only as monthly packs. To continue using them, you will have to add feature limits for the next month.
  • Is there a trial for Booster Packs?
    No, we do not have trials for Booster Packs.
  • How do Booster Packs work?
    It is really simple:
    • Notice when you are exceeding your feature limits.
    • Go to the Extension Store in the CRM.
    • Choose and install the booster pack you want.
    • Go to the Billings page and add quantity for the chosen pack.
    • And the feature limits in your CRM increase automatically
  • Can Professional and Enterprise users use Booster Packs?
    No, Booster Packs are currently available only for Pilot edition users.
  • So what features and limits do the Booster Packs include?
    Take a look at the table below to learn more about the booster bouquet of offerings.

Booster pack details
  • Where will I find the details of a booster?
    The Booster add-on on the Add-ons page will display details like the description and the cost. It will also be available in the Billings page.
  • How will I know which booster I am being billed for and the quantity?
    The name of the Booster add-on and its price will be shown in the Billing and Invoices.

There are multiple benefits to using Booster Pack add-ons with the Pilot edition. As an SMB, you have the flexibility of choosing what features you want in the CRM. After all, you want only those features you actually use instead of the complexities of higher versions of the CRM. Then there is the cost-benefit! The Pilot edition is free for life if you sign up before December 2022. The Booster Pack charges are nominal.

The Pilot edition, along with the Booster Pack add-ons, lets you scale up your CRM and extend its functionality to meet business demands. With this combination, Vtiger is putting the power truly in your hands.

Ready to expand the limits of your CRM? Then what are you waiting for – explore what our Booster Packs offer.

If you intend to begin your CRM journey, then here is your chance to build a CRM with extended functionality custom-made for your business. Start with Vtiger’s Pilot edition.

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