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We’re Back! December 2012 – Update 1

We know that we’ve been away from our blog for some time now (we’re sorry. We missed you, too!), but rest assured that time we were away couldn’t have been better spent. With a brand new application framework rolled out in late October (meaning more frequent, more impactful updates, and a faster, more secure application), coupled with the beginnings of our new interface and documentation, we’ve advanced leaps and bounds toward the future of Vtiger.  We’ll pick up right here today, and keep this one short. In addition to everything that happened between August and now, we rolled out the following updates over the first weekend of December:

Do more with the Vtiger calendar
  1. Customize your calendar with the following calendar settings
    1. Start time of day
    2. Start day of week
    3. Default event length
    4. Date and hour formats & more
  2. Create recurring events & follow ups
  3. Link an event to multiple contacts
  4. Invite users
Switch between narrow and wide field views
We received numerous requests to be able to see more rows in list views and have enabled narrow and wide field modes in Vtiger, thereby reducing the amount of scrolling required to see all records. You can now configure the field heights from the ‘My Preferences’ page. Once set, this setting is applied to all list and detail views.

Detail Views have been improved
Vtiger 6 introduced Summary Views for each record to provide important information at-a-glance. We continue to improve this area.
  1. Activities widget added to record summary views
  2. In the record summary view the key fields block now allows quick edits.
  3. Activities and activity history information have been merged into a single tab in the detail view.
  4. Add related records to any record from the record itself. (ex: Add contact from the organization page)
Other highlights
  1. The PDF Maker extension is now supported in the new look
  2. In reports with secondary modules, module names have been added before field names to make it easier to tell which module the field belongs to when applying conditions to the report
  3. Some glitches causing imports to stop have been fixed

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