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Sights and sounds - when WFH

A Light Post for the Weekend – Vtiger: Sights and Sounds When Working from Home

With the recent changes to daily life due to Covid-19, many of us are now working at home. This is true for all of us here at Vtiger. We all have found ourselves thrown into an environment that we aren’t accustomed to working in for long periods. This has led many of us to find inspiring, creative, and sometimes comical areas to conduct our business.

Many of our employees are based in Bangalore, India which has a tropical savanna climate. This means that the weather year-round is warm to hot. It is excellent for working outdoors as long as it is outside of the Monsoon period.

Below are some of the beautiful, interesting, and ergonomic workspaces our team has setup.

Shameem has set up a beautiful outdoor workspace thanks to blue skies and the coconut tree that hangs over his balcony.


You can hear the leaves rustle gently as the wind blows through his balcony in the video below. It’s a calming scene that helps reduce stress while working from home.

Krishna always has a helping hand with his pet husky around. The picture below was taken during a short break. They enjoy spending time at the green area near their house.


I have my own helper in my apartment who likes to be directly involved with many of my projects.


Ruba has a gorgeous patio view, this time at sunset with birds flying overhead.

Ruba WFH - crop

Yogesh has found an inventive method to create a standing desk through the use of his washing machine. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It can be great to find more active ways to work such as this.

Sandeep has yet another breathtaking space in which to work. It is simple yet contains everything he needs to offer excellent support and onboarding.

Sandeep WFH

Josh has a wonderful outdoor area that he often will share with his wife and son. Stepping outside with a nice cup of coffee is an excellent way to start the day.

Josh Patio

When indoors, Josh and his son share some quality time together. Although the video is a little blurry, it’s fun to see them both hard at work.

The change in lifestyle and working environment has been hard for everyone as we all do our best to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Individuals and teams are having to quickly find new, efficient ways to communicate and remain productive. It hasn’t been all bad or difficult though, which is why we are sharing these pictures and videos. We are learning to appreciate the little things that we may not have noticed before. Many of us can enjoy the perfect weather, hear our children singing and laughing in the room down the hall, enjoy visits from our pets, and appreciate the sounds of local wildlife.

These small activities have come to brighten our days while we continue to work hard to offer the best CRM technology and unrivaled support for our customers.

I would love to hear any interesting stories you may have while working from home. Have you found a calm, productive area for your new workspace?

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