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Boost Team Productivity with AI-enabled CRMs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most sought-after software to boost and manage customer relationships effectively. This application is robust and has rich features like contact management, lead management, document management, etc., to execute your tasks effectively.

Then, why is there a need to integrate AI with CRM software?

With businesses expanding and a growing number of customer data, it is only feasible to process unstructured data with the help of AI algorithms. AI can handle large amounts of data with few errors which is certainly the need of the hour. And, also it can automate most repetitive tasks.

Imagine you are a sales manager, and you need to predict how much revenue your organization will be able to generate in the next quarter. Yes, there is no doubt that CRM allows you to record massive amounts of data but taking insights from them manually is time-consuming.

Here comes AI to your rescue. It provides accurate insights that allow you to give smart recommendations for your business in minutes. 

So, what magic can AI in CRM create for your business?

AI CRM capabilities

Artificial intelligence is transforming the CRM landscape using intelligent technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc. So, a CRM coupled with AI can help your business to collect, manage and analyze customer data and boost business processes.

Let’s look at the capabilities that AI in CRM possess


You can provide a personalized experience to your customers by customizing your products according to their preferences. Trigger product recommendations based on historical data, conduct targeted campaigns, etc., and provide superior customer experience.

Content Generation

 AI-generated content is currently trending. You can produce content in large volumes using keywords or phrases at reduced costs. You can also speed up the writing process and edit it to fit your requirement. 

Lead Scoring

Understand the quality of leads generated using the lead scoring technique. You can provide scores to the leads by analyzing customer interactions with the brand. And, it will enable you to segregate potential leads and aim for better conversion. Not just lead scoring, you can have an effective lead management strategy with the help of AI.

Sales Forecasting 

Predict how much revenue you will generate in the coming month or year using a sales forecasting technique. You can do this by taking insights from the current data such as industry trends, sales pipeline, surveys, customer purchase history, etc., and predict future sales revenue. This will help you in making intelligent decisions for your business. 

Real-time engagement

Leverage AI-powered chatbots to have real-time conversations with your customers. You can provide instant responses to your customers and reduce the workload on support reps. 

Actionable Insights

 Use customized dashboards to gain insights into business performance and make better recommendations for your business. You can generate actionable insights and present data in a visually appealing way. You can also provide metrics of your team performance, sales count, number of products sold, cases raised in a month, etc.

How AI in CRM can help different teams in your organization?

The interruption of AI can minimize the workload on your employees and let them turn their focus to value-adding tasks. This results in increasing their productivity. Let’s look at it more closely:

Marketing Team can automate the lead management process. By generating leads from different channels, scoring and nurturing leads to assigning them to the sales reps. All these activities will be taken care of by AI and help you reach out to potential customers at the right time. This allows you to generate greater revenue in no time. 

Sales Team can forecast sales using AI-enabled tools and make sales predictions. It can support you in optimizing sales results by identifying gaps and understanding different patterns from your current sales performance.

Customer Support Team can trigger real-time customer engagement. Businesses are setting up chatbots to chat with customers and quickly resolve their queries. Bots can fetch information from different sources like articles or FAQs and present the information in seconds. This will relieve the support team from endless call conversations and aids them in gathering information from a single location.

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