How can you be prepared to ride the AI wave

Artificial intelligence(AI) is here to stay and it will transform the way you sell. From managing online conversations on websites to analysing massive amount of sales data for predicting deal closure, AI has made its presence felt.

Download our latest ebook to understand what AI is and how will it impact sales process as we know it. In the process of creating this ebook, we reached out to several experts to tell us what to expect from AI in the near future. So, you will find some valuable views and insights that have not been shared anywhere else. Further, you will understand if AI is set to replace human sales associates and then learn how humans can beat AI in sales.

You can get the best of AI only when you fuel it with the right data. This is where your CRM comes into the picture. Your CRM is the central repository of all your customer related data. AI will make smart recommendations about a customer or a deal based on the data you feed into your CRM. So, you need to ensure that your sales team is using CRM efficiently and the CRM data is always accurate and complete.

Here are a few best practices to keep your CRM AI ready:

  1. Choose a CRM that your sales team will use. Use this CRM buyer’s guide to find the best CRM for your business.
  2. If your budget permits, pick all-in-one edition to ensure that your CRM captures not only the basic deal information but also after sales support information, customer’s social media activities and details of every interaction the customer has had with your business. Analysing this information will help make upselling and cross selling recommendations.
  3. Integrate your CRM with other business software you use. This ensures that the customer data is automatically synchronized between the systems. The more customer data your CRM collects the better recommendations AI can make.
  4. Wherever possible, automate data collection to avoid any human induced errors.
  5. Audit and clean your CRM data at regular intervals of time to control data decay.
  6. Establish data standards your sales team must adhere to. For instance, data such as job title, industry, or region can be used for lead scoring or email nurture campaigns. So, ensure there’s consistency in these values.

Download the ebook to get more such insights from the experts and understand how you can be ready for the shift.

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