vtiger : act small, act personal

vtiger team has been seeing profound growth in the traffic. This makes it imperative that we behave more responsibly. We have to act fast and act well. There is intense pressure on us to deliver. Most of this pressure is called expectation – not only from outside but within the team also. Handling huge and exponential growth is interesting. vtiger must remain – as responsive, as personal and as available to the others as it is now. All the core members are reachable at any time in the support number. All the core team is known to the world and each has a human face to map to a name. By acting small, vtiger will retain its competitive edge. Our USP is our ability to churn out features (and issues ;-)) much faster than the competition. Being humble and honest too has been our USP. These very fibre/tenet of vtiger must be maintained throughout the community and the vtiger team. Once we start to get into the – ‘ We are the hot-shot guys’ mode, destruction is inevitable. vtiger needs to keep its feet on the ground and its head among the clouds so that it achieves the harmony between hard practical facts and unparalleled beautiful dreams. Life is perhaps, just that, a dream and a fear
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