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Expand your Pilot Edition Capabilities with Vtiger Booster Packs

Up the ante! You are right – that’s what we said.
Vtiger CRM is putting the power in your hands. Pick and choose the feature limits you want.
Extend the limits of your CRM by using Vtiger Booster Packs.
Curious? Then read on…

Do you constantly keep an eye on the feature limits in your Vtiger edition? Do you worry about exceeding the limits at a crucial moment? Are prohibitive costs a hurdle?
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) often face the challenge of having too few or too many features in a CRM. As a Vtiger user, you can always upgrade to One Professional and One Enterprise editions, but why would you want the whole gamut of capabilities available in those editions?
As an SMB, you sometimes need that one extra feature or just a few to give you the edge.

We listened. We understood.

If you are a niche business already using Vtiger Pilot, here is your solution – introducing Vtiger Booster Packs for the Pilot Edition!

What are Booster Packs?

Booster Packs are feature add-ons that will help you increase the limits of a CRM feature.
Available as add-ons in the Vtiger Extension Store, they give you the freedom to install and increase the limits of a feature based on your business needs.

For example, you run a chain of retail stores. You have planned for a winter sale and have grouped a few salespersons into a team to handle it. You need a Group Mailbox to ensure your team can work together for the campaigns, promotions, and other sale details, but you have reached the upper limit on the Mailbox feature in the CRM. Would you want to jump to the higher Vtiger edition for that one Group Mailbox, or would you like the flexibility of adding Group Mailboxes as required?

We are sure you will go for the second option with your eyes closed.

Well, that is what Booster Packs are here for. They let you pick and choose the feature and the limits you want to add to the CRM. If you are hitting the upper limits of certain features in your editions,
  • Choose the pack with the features you need
  • Add multiple packs of the same capability or different packs, and
  • Pay only for the capabilities your team uses
It is as simple as that!

And if you are just starting on your CRM journey, then Vtiger’s Pilot edition is perfect for you.
With the combination of Vtiger’s Pilot Edition and Booster Packs , you can reap rich benefits – enriching customer experiences, higher conversions, more deal closures, insightful analytics, and more .
You can pick and choose your features and build your own CRM – custom-made just for your business. Tech adoption has never been easier, and the learning curve is steep. Within no time, you will see your employees using the CRM to manage their tasks.

The Vtiger’s Pilot Edition and Booster Packs combination also gives you a price advantage – it is pocket friendly! It will show tangible results in no time – a boost in productivity and a higher ROI.

So what features and limits do the Booster Packs include?

A single custom module? Sure.
Additional scheduled reports? Why not!
Just 3 workflows ? Absolutely.

Here is a glimpse of what we are offering!

Booster pack Details 2

Interested? Watch this space. We will be back soon to tell you more about Viger Booster Packs!

Choose wisely and choose well with Vtiger CRM. Sign up for our Pilot edition and take a test drive today.

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