Streamline the flow of invoices between sales, support, and accounting with Vtiger’s Xero, Quickbooks, and Tally integrations

To ensure a seamless customer experience, sales, support, and accounting teams must constantly relay information between themselves. For instance, when a sales opportunity closes, a sales associate has to send deal information to the accounting team for them to generate and send a sales invoice. If a customer later calls asking about some numbers on the invoice, he reaches the customer support team, who must get in touch with the accounting team to find out more about it. Without a CRM + accounting integration, these teams exchange information over phone calls, emails, chat, and/or paper documents, as they each usually work in different systems.

It’s not just time that’s wasted, though. A manual exchange of information, say, from sales to accounting, means manual data entry, too. When that happens, typographical errors, or redundant entries can occur, causing problems that compound later on. When a sales associate closes a hard-fought deal and hands invoicing off to the accounting team, he would be infuriated to find out that billing issues are stalling his deal.

Vtiger eliminates those errors, and lets you to automatically mirror data between the CRM and accounting software you use to ensure that your sales, support, and accounting teams are on the same page with accurate and accessible data. Vtiger integrates with most commonly used accounting softwares like Xero, Quickbooks, and Tally. Do you use some other accounting software other than listed ones? Use Zapier to seamlessly connect to it.

Here are 4 benefits of integrating your accounting software with Vtiger:

Speed up the invoice creation process:

Once a sales associate closes a deal, billing information like customer name, billing address, shipping address, and products/services purchased is forwarded to the accounting team to generate an invoice. This information is usually typed up once by the sales associate, then exchanged with accounting, often via email or typed up notes, only to be typed up again in accounting software by the accounting staff. Talk about inefficient. With Vtiger + accounting software, sales associates can create an invoice from quotes or sales orders, right inside Vtiger, in just a few clicks, then sync it to your accounting software for the accounting team to process. Faster creation, no double-entry, and no mistakes. What’s not to love?

Access invoices anytime from any system

When you are dealing with paper invoices, finding one particular invoice in a pile is time consuming and frustrating. But with a cloud based CRM software like Vtiger, you can search for a customer or an invoice, and all related quotes, sales order, and customer interaction history in just a few keystrokes and clicks, anytime from anywhere on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Get real-time alerts on invoice changes

Without synchronized systems, if an accounting team spots mistakes on an invoice, they’ll have to individually, and manually send revised invoices to sales and support whenever a customer question arises. Make it available under the customer’s CRM record right when a sales or support associate opens it up! Vtiger allows you to pull any new invoice created in the accounting software right into the CRM under the customer’s record, and can alert the sales or support associate in charge of the customer relationship if that ever happens.

Get paid sooner by accepting payments online

Once an invoice has been generated and sent to a customer, let them pay you faster and more easily by letting them pay you online. For that, Vtiger integrates with widely used payment gateways like and PayPal. Any customer payments are automatically applied to relevant invoices, while showing the remaining balance if a payment isn’t made in full.

CRM and accounting software integration lets your sales, support and accounting teams exchange information seamlessly, and increases their productivity by reducing work needed to stay synchronized. Have any questions, or want help integrating your accounting software with Vtiger? Leave us a comment below or email us at

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