Why email marketing still rules lead generation

Even with the recent explosion in popularity of social media marketing, marketers still find tried and true email marketing to be the most reliable and highest ROI marketing channel out there. Whether it’s sending newsletters, offers, or transactional emails, marketers agree that email isn’t about to go away. Countless studies have proven, and continue to prove this point. There’s one by Custora, which found that between 2009 and 2013 customer acquisition through email marketing grew faster than through any other channel. Meanwhile, a more recent bit of meta-research by Mailgen indicates that 89% of surveyed marketers use email as their primary channel for lead generation.

So it’s clear that email as a channel continues to reign supreme – for those of you that are new to the game of email marketing, let’s take a moment to look at the reasons why:

Email lets businesses stay connected with their customers:

Consumers want to stay connected to businesses that they like. Case in point: Marketing Sherpa, a well-known marketing research firm, found that 91 percent of U.S. adults liked receiving email from companies they already know. To feed their desire for knowledge, businesses most-often send them emailed newsletters, promotional content, and other automated emails. The information and knowledge imparted helps builds trust that’s crucial to making a sale.

Email outperforms social media:

Though Facebook enjoys over a billion active users per month, the email statistics report 2013-2017 notes that the number of email users are three time more than Facebook and Twitter users combined. If you’re trying to reach as many people as possible with a message, you’re more likely to succeed with email.

When it comes to engagement, email rises above social media yet again. A study by Oglivy finds that just 6% of a business’s Facebook fans see a new post to their page. Meanwhile, a business with 5,000 to 10,000 followers sees an average of just 0.5% click through. Emails, however, will reach every recipient on a list, and often see open rates on well-designed campaigns of above 20% and 30%, with a total click-through of around 3%.

It’s cost effective:

Emails help businesses grow with almost no cost – no print fees, postage charges, or advertising costs. With its phenomenally low cost, email marketing generates on average $38 for every $1 spent. Unlike printed flyers, television and radio ads, that work based on one-size-fits-all format, emails allow personalization of content that can reach targeted audience. Marketers segmenting email list based on customer data like purchase history or their position in the sales funnel that is recorded in a CRM to send out email campaigns see higher email opens, click through, and conversion rates.

Vtiger CRM includes email campaigns tools built right in at no extra cost. Marketers can target, design, launch campaigns. Then, use engagement data like number of opens, clicks, and bounces captured for every contact, to continuously improve their performance. This, along with autoresponders ensures that you reach interested prospects and customers always at the right time to drive improved engagement.

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