3 tools to end manual CRM data entry

We shed a silent tear every time we hear of a sales professional complaining about updating contact data or deal information. That’s not because we’re at odds with their misery. On the contrary, it’s because we’re sad that even in 2015 some of a business’s most energetic talent still sits hunched over a keyboard for hours a month to update spreadsheets and databases. When the opportunity cost of their time is passionately building stronger relationships with customers, its practically impossible for us to argue for the dullness of data-entry.

As if boredom and wasted time aren’t bad enough, while these professionals drone away entering data, mistakes like a typo, or worse, a missed data point, often pop up – each one reducing the accuracy of a business’s data set. This inevitably produces inaccurate reports and forecasts that could swing a decision the wrong way. Even if a manager acting on a report is lucky enough to notice a mistake, mistrust in the data that should have been a revered guide for business decisions invariably increases.

If you’re trapped in the hours-a-month data-entry cycle, escape it with Vtiger’s data entry automation tools. Whether a received email, a third-party app update, or a website form submission results in a need to create or update contact, deal or other data, Vtiger can automatically do it for you, leaving you and your team with more time to build relationships and drive growth.

Mailroom: Create and update contacts, deals, and more from emails

Get lots of email? Need to create or update contacts or deals as a result? Then Vtiger’s Mailroom is perfect for you. Mailroom is like a lightning-fast secretary that reads every email and instantly acts on it. An email containing a lead from your marketing department instantly becomes a CRM lead record with the email attached, and a task to follow up already assigned to a sales rep. Mailroom recognizes email from an existing contacts and can attach the email to their record, or update contact or other information pulled from the email body. This saves time and ensures and expedites next steps on every email an organization receives.

Zapier: Create and update contacts, deals, and more from 3rd-party apps

A few popular ready to use Vtiger Zaps

It can take a lot to get data flowing between the applications that a business uses. Vtiger’s Zapier integration eliminates that work. The Zapier connector detects activity in any of 400+ possible apps you might use, and creates or updates Vtiger records based on information from those apps. That means you can create contacts from scanned business cards, opportunities when you receive a message on Twitter, tickets from a Facebook comment, and more all without a single mouse click or keystroke.

Webforms: Create contacts, deals, and tickets from forms on your website

Your website has forms for your visitors to contact you with. Once submitted, the forms send you an email, or log the form response in a database somewhere. Want that form data in Vtiger, too? Use Vtiger’s form integration tool to instantly create a lead, contact, or ticket, with all form data mapped to the right record fields. Combine it with workflows to set up notifications, and to automate other emails.

Want to learn more about how Vtiger CRM can help automate the mundane? Tell us what you’re trying to automate in the comments, or email us at support@vtiger.com.

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