Synchronize Contacts, Emails, and Calendars Between Office 365 and Vtiger CRM

Synchronize contacts, emails, and calendar events between Office 365 and Vtiger CRM

Your sales reps love working in Office 365. From it they send and receive email, manage contacts, and schedule meetings, and this is great for their personal productivity. The caveat: any new contacts they’ve reached, sales communications they’ve exchanged, or meetings they’ve scheduled stay isolated in their Office 365 accounts. This means that managers have little visibility into rep calendars, other sales reps can’t see what contacts have been engaged, and customer service reps are left guessing about customer needs and engagement histories when providing support. Collaboration isn’t happening the way that it should, and customers feel it when interacting with other employees.

Vtiger’s new integration with Office 365 ensures that all of a your customer facing employees have access to up-to-the-minute customer information through Vtiger, even if your reps choose to work in Office 365. To do that, the Office 365 integration synchronizes contacts, email, and calendars between sales the isolation of a rep’s Office 365 account and the collaborative environment of Vtiger CRM, leading to more effective customer engagements, and better sales and support outcomes.

Everyone on your team, up to date with information on every new contact

Sales reps continuously build their network of contacts, and Office 365 is often where those contacts end up first. When a deal emerges, the Office 365 integration lets them send those contacts over to Vtiger, ensuring that the teams that pick up the next steps always have the right information on hand to make decisions. Any changes subsequently made to those contacts, whether in Vtiger or Office 365, are automatically applied in the other application, ensuring that whether it’s an up-sale opportunity being acted on by sales, or a support call handled by a support rep, everyone has up-to-date contact records on hand to drive the engagement.

Seamlessly pull customer conversations into Vtiger CRM

Published sales statistics reveal that on average, around a third of a sales rep’s time is spent searching for, or manually entering data into CRM. One click synchronization of emails from Office 365 to CRM eliminates the need to copy e-mail messages over as notes to contacts by automatically adding any emails exchanged with contacts to their CRM contact records. This lets sales, support, and marketing teams move relationships forward faster, with complete communication histories available in Vtiger.

Eliminate meeting overlaps with synchronized calendars

Your sales reps’ days are booked, with meetings lined up back to back to back. Room for error: none. They like to work in Office 365, but Vtiger’s advanced calendar management tools (like automatic event scheduling) result in the need to monitor separate calendars and duplicate events to keep things organized. It’s only a matter of time before a missed event, and that could mean the end of a budding deal. Office 365 integration keeps rep calendars perpetually synchronized between Vtiger and Office 365, saving time, and eliminating the potential for missed events, or accidental schedule overlaps.

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