The Kanban view of the sales pipe: your sales pipe is visual and actionable.

Your sales pipe is called a “pipe” for obvious reasons. Like any old pipe, deals flow in through one side, are channeled through various nurture stages, and flow out other side (to a close). If all of your deals flow through smoothly, then you’re in luck because your pipe is healthy. Conversely, if any deals get stuck somewhere in the pipe long enough for you to consider them lost or stale, then you just might need a plumber.

Now, although we aren’t plumbers, we do like to make sure that our customers’ sales pipes are healthy. To do that, we’ve built tools to give sales managers and reps better visibility into, and control over their pipes. When we released Vtiger 7 last year, a key tool we added let sales teams set up automatic reminders to notify them when any deal goes idle. Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of one that gives them a 10,000-foot actionable view of their sales pipeline. This makes them better informed and more capable of taking action on deals faster.

The Kanban View of the Sales Pipeline:

The Kanban view gives you unparalleled visibility over every deal in your sales pipeline. It shows you all of your active deals broken out by sales stage, and includes a snapshot of key information including a deal’s value, assigned rep, expected close date, and next activity. With this new view, it’s easier to find deals that need attention, get up to speed quickly, and move them on to their next stage.

The Kanban view makes it easy to find your next deal to work on. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can sort and filter on deals using many criteria like expected close date, last update time, or assigned rep. Once you’ve selected a deal to work on, you can learn more about it by clicking on its title to reveal its detail view, where you can add more information as you work on the deal. Once you’ve finished working, if you’re ready to move it on to a new stage, simply drag it there, and you’re done. Working on your sales pipeline has never been this easy.

With this new view, we hope that you and your team are more confident, make better decisions, and drive more deals to a close faster.

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