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Meet Madhuri – Delivering her best, every time, everywhere

Welcome to another Tiger Tales post, but with a twist! Because March is the month of women, we present to you – the Women’s Day series. In these posts, we will talk about and celebrate the vibrant and versatile women of Vtiger.
So let’s dive in and get to know them!

Today, the spotlight is on Megha Madhuri Vegesna, a fine quality analyst and a happy-go-lucky girl!


Madhuri was born in Andhra Pradesh, India, and she is a Computer Science engineer. Right after her graduation in 2016, she joined Vtiger as a Quality Analyst (Technical Tester) and moved to Bangalore for the job.
A year later, Madhuri embarked on her marital journey with her husband, Ravindra Varma. After a while, she quit her job because she wanted to give her best to her marriage.


We asked her what kept her busy during her break.
”When I was at home for two years post-marriage, I watched Youtube videos and learned paper cutting and Origami. I am not into reading books, but I enjoy drawing. I love dancing to good music and sometimes, I try my hand at cooking. It is safe to say that I am the ‘Jill’ of all trades and master of none.”, she said.


Not many know that she is a trained classical singer. She laughs and recalls how she went into hiding when her mother asked her to perform on-stage.
Well, it is true; she has stage-fear just like most of us. But she aims to get on a podium and deliver a speech in front of a large audience one day.
Don’t let that spirit die, Madhuri!

One thing we must learn from Madhuri is how to smile all our troubles away! ❤

Madhuri revealed how much she missed working during her break. So, she decided to re-join Vtiger in 2019 and has been working here ever since. She likes being a part of the team and cannot imagine working elsewhere. She feels that Vtiger’s environment is helping her maintain a good work-life balance.
”I can easily manage both my personal and professional life smoothly because of the freedom I get here. My co-workers are very understanding, and they give me family-like vibes.”


As a Quality Analyst, Madhuri responsibilities include:

  • Manual testing by creating test cases for Vtiger CRM’s features.
  • Writing code and performing automation testing.
  • Checking the working of dependencies between features and reporting bugs, if any.
  • Learning new features and testing their functionality.

”How has work from home treated you?”
”I like working from home as it has profoundly benefitted me. I spend quality time with my husband and my in-laws but also get my work done on-time. It is like the best of both worlds. I get ample time to finish my work as my mother-in-law takes care of the house. My husband is also very supportive, and he encourages me to build my career. He understands my schedules and work-related emergencies.”

We are sure all working women can relate to Madhuri. She believes in clearing her bucket at the end of the day and starting the next day afresh. She thinks it is pressurizing and stressful to have pending work.
Ugh… tell us about it. 😐

While we know that Madhuri loves her job, initially, her dream was to become a… fashion designer!
Did that take you by surprise? Us too!
Well, destiny had other plans, and Madhuri decided to pursue engineering. It definitely turned out well for her! She now enjoys deriving new test cases, and there is no looking back!

When we asked her about her inspiration, she said she believes that everybody is unique, and she likes to pick the good things from everyone she meets.
”I am very much inspired by my cousin. She is very calm and organized. She thinks twice before reacting to situations. I wish to implement that in my day-to-day activities.”

”What is your mantra for life?”
”I think that nothing will be with you forever. So it would help if you did not worry about what you don’t have and be content with what you have. If you are content, automatically, you will be happy. I also believe that we must learn and improve every day.”

Along with being a part-time tester and a full-time homemaker, Madhuri wants to create and develop a household management website someday. She believes that women are no less than their counterparts. They can go to greater heights and achieve anything if they want to. It’s their choice.


Madhuri is very quiet, calm, and passionate. She is a talk-less and work-more person. Thank you for being who you are, Madhuri! Look out for the surprises that life has to offer you. We wish you all the very best! 👍

On that note, we are ending this blog post. We hope you enjoyed this read.
Stick around for more in the coming days…

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