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How a CRM Helps You in Internal and External Collaboration

Hello Folks!

Welcome back to the Cut-down Costs with CRM blog series where we will be discussing multiple dimensions of cost reduction with the help of a CRM.

In this blog, we will be discussing various tools in a CRM that can be used to collaborate. We will also be shedding light on the advantages of seamless collaboration both within your teams (internal) and with customers (external) for a business.

Internal collaboration involves individuals and teams in your organization brainstorming ideas, sharing information, and solving complex problems together. And, external collaboration includes providing 360-degree information to your customers about your product, addressing their queries on time, etc.

An article on Transitioning to the Future of Work and the Workplace by Deloitte has mentioned identifying and exploring new business opportunities as the top most expected outcomes from increased levels of collaboration.

The goal of a collaborative CRM is to maximize business outcomes. You can leverage a robust CRM to execute effective communication inside and outside of your workplace.

Collaboration using CRM software

A CRM includes many capabilities to make your collaboration systematic and seamless. By using in-built CRM features for sharing a document, scheduling a meeting with your customer, taking approval from your managers, etc., you can coordinate with them on time and plan your activities accordingly.

There are many perks of using collaborative tools in CRM. You can:

Centralize your activities: You can streamline all your day-to-day activities on a single platform and customer-facing team can perform various actions. For example, update on deal closures, customer engagements on email campaigns, update on assigned cases, etc., can be made available for everyone related to your business.

Eliminate departmental silos: Teams can stay up to date with what other team members are doing and take necessary actions accordingly. For example, sales teams can track the engagement of customers on different campaigns and curate a pitch that suits each and every customer.

Boost team productivity: Teams can become quick and efficient using various tools for sending emails, taking approvals, inviting customers for events, etc. For example, if you want to take approval from your manager to provide a special discount on your deal, you can send approval with a single click by setting up an alert. So, once it is approved, you will get a notification and you can proceed with the next action accordingly.

Increase communication: Instead of always collaborating with your team members over the phone or email, you can mention your teammate using @mentions to discuss important matters. For example, if your support team wants to inform your sales rep about a customer query, the @mentions tag can be used which will direct towards the concerned rep.

Enrich customer experience: By planning your meetings on time with your customers or tracking their engagement level, you will be able to provide a better customer experience and offer your services without a delay. If your business takes expertise in delivering top-class solutions, you will be able to reap satisfied customers in no time.

Vtiger Collaborative Tools

Vtiger CRM has a wide range of features to carry out internal and external collaboration effortlessly and enrich customer experience. Vtiger Collaborative Tools allow you to

  • Stay updated about your upcoming or overdue events, get reminders about your tasks before the deadlines, receive alerts when a task is completed, etc., with Vtiger Actions module.
  • Schedule a meeting with your customer or your team using the Vtiger Events module. Set reminders so that you don’t miss out on them. You can also post a comment using the Activity section and convey your messages.
  • Create project-related tasks and assign them to your teammates using Vtiger Tasks module. You can monitor the status of the task, and manage your business activities in an organized manner.
  • Store important documents with the option to share and edit using Vtiger Documents module. You can download, import, or export documents using customized templates.
  • Sign important documents like contracts digitally using Vtiger Esign Documents module.
  • Get fast approvals from your managers for leaves or closing a deal using Vtiger Approvals module.
  • Engage with your team internally with individual and group chat options using Vtiger Internal Chat.

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