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How Chatbots are Restructuring Customer Support

[This blog post was originally published on January 11, 2023 and last updated on February 19, 2024]

It is vital to keep up with ongoing trends in a tech-oriented world. As discussed in our previous blog, it is pretty evident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be the future of business.

There is no doubt that customers are the core of any organizational structure. Most organizations invest heavily in customer support teams to tackle their issues and queries.

Is there a way to quickly resolve their queries on time and not keep them waiting?

Yes, by using AI. AI-generated chatbots have revolutionized support by giving instant responses and minimizing the effort of support agents. Let us explore more about it.

What is a chatbot

A chatbot is an application that is used to communicate with customers and aids organizations in boosting customer service. For example, if you want to know the details about a trip you want to make, you can visit a particular website, and a chat window will pop up. You can start conversing by asking your query which is done by the bot itself. It replies to your questions very quickly just like a human does.

A chatbot uses machine learning and AI algorithms to trigger quick answers to customers’ queries. It provides instant replies to frequently asked questions by collecting information from websites, knowledge base articles, blogs, etc., in a fraction of a second.

So how does AI help with customer queries?

Imagine the struggle of customer support teams trying to address hundreds of queries from customers via phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, etc., on a daily basis.
Sounds pretty hectic, right?

AI-powered bot technology reduces a huge chunk of support operations with the help of chatbots and enables real-time interaction.

Gartner seemed to have predicted right!

By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis.

Role of chatbots in customer care

If you believe that chatbots are here to replace support agents, then you are wrong. Bots free up your agent’s time by responding to routine or common customer queries promptly. This also helps your agents focus on complex issues.

Chatbots make way for seamless interactions between agents and customers. With bots, you will be able to address customer queries in bulk by setting up pre-determined answers.

There is a limitation to chatbot usage. Certain tasks need to be performed only by agents. For example, responding to queries by listening to the customer’s tone can not be done by technology.

So, bots are used only as tools to improve the efficiency of the query system and reduce the effort of the agents.

Now, how will organizations benefit from chatbots?

Key benefits of using Chatbots

There are countless advantages to using Chatbots, but we will only be covering the top four:

  • Provide assistance round the clock: If your customer raises a query at 2 AM at midnight, worry not. The bot will be available to fix the issue quickly which minimizes the burden on the support reps. With 24×7 support, customers will not have to wait for long in getting their queries resolved. Chatbots help in reducing your investment and also cut down customer churn.
  • Increase response rate: By triggering answers in minutes or seconds, you will be able to respond to more queries in less time which is certainly not possible when done manually.
  • Collect feedback: Chatbots can collect real-time feedback from customers at any point in the customer’s journey. Bots can ask customers to rate the conversation, provide feedback on services, etc., and record them directly into your system.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction level: Bots can track customer satisfaction levels by monitoring feedback data. You can use this data to generate results in the form of Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score (NPS). This allows you to understand your customers in a better way and make required changes to your products and services.

Are you also looking to streamline your customer service in your organization?

Vtiger Chatbot for Streamlined Customer Service

The Vtiger Chatbot is designed to take your customer experience to the next level by integrating with your business knowledge base and quickly responding to queries. Part of the Calculus AI and trained using Large Language Models (LLMs), this chatbot instantly resolves common customer concerns. 

Here are the key benefits of using Vtiger Chatbot:

  • Seamless customer support: Users receive elevated customer support experience regardless of time zones and business hours. This is due to the 24×7 availability feature of the Chatbot, which helps provide quick response. 
  • Quick resolution: All the repetitive tasks are effectively managed by the Chatbot, which paves the way for better productivity as well as more time for customer agents to look into high-priority tasks. 
  • Personalized responses: Vtiger Chatbot supports increased customer satisfaction by providing responses that meet the queries. 
  • Accurate and efficient engagement: Since Vtiger Chatbot learns and adapts via the BotQuery records and receives feedback, it undergoes continuous self-improvement.  

If you are a CRM user, make use of the Live Chats module powered by Vtiger Chatbot.

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