Make Your Prospects and Customers Feel Like Winners

Who doesn't like winning?

Feelings are our ultimate internal guides to decision making: they are our intuition and form our hypotheses, telling us right from wrong and good from bad, and all without requiring much, if any active thinking – that is, they’re reflexive. Oftentimes when we “feel” like something is wrong we may not even be able to pinpoint the reason, but it certainly does change how we react to the situation at hand. A bad feeling, whether related to confidence, or trust, is the sum of our past experiences bubbling up through our subconscious to tell us to act cautiously because at this very moment something just isn’t right. Our feelings are why some websites can motivate us to part with phone numbers and credit card information while others get the standard “” and “999-999-9999”. It’s no wonder, then, that the feeling a brand, a company, a marketing resource, or a sales person creates can drastically influence whether a sale will occur or not. While it’s true that feelings have always played a part in how people make purchasing decisions, the extent to which sales prospects now allow the organizations that they’re considering purchasing from into the decision making process and to directly influence the way that they feel has radically changed – so much so that decades old sales and marketing practices are quickly giving way to radically new, more experimental methods. We plan to dive in to what these shifts have been, their causes, and how you can leverage them and other behavioral models over the course of the next few days and in much greater detail, to help you optimize your sales and marketing conversions. Until then, happy selling!
Keep Calm

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