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Vtiger Calculus and GPT integration to engage in next-level conversation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a transformative role in enhancing customer interactions with the launch of Open AI’s ChatGPT. It has revolutionized, automated, and personalized communications in the business scenario and changed the face of customer engagement. 

ChatGPT’s unique capability to generate content in large volumes using various prompts has made it easier for different teams to complete their day-to-day activities on time. For instance, if you want to draft an email to your customer, ChatGPT can create email content in seconds if you provide it with adequate information. 

However, if you want to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT to its fullest in business, you should consider integrating it with a CRM. There are endless advantages to integrating CRM with ChatGPT. With a CRM and ChatGPT integration, you can:

  • Automate content generation from multiple locations
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve the efficiency of team members 
  • Produce content in great volumes.

Vtiger Calculus ChatGPT integration

Vtiger Calculus is an AI-powered tool that leverages the power of a Large Language Model (LLM) to perform a wide range of tasks like generating texts in a conversational manner and responding to human inquiries based on specific keywords.

For instance, if you ask ChatGPT to write a 500 words blog on a particular topic with a Call to Action (CTA) in the end, it will present you the blog with the exact information that is required. 

So, let’s dive deep into the features of Vtiger Calculus GPT integration that may be useful for your sales, marketing, and customer support activities.

Get hold of ChatGPT from global navigation bar in Vtiger CRM

You can access ChatGPT from the top bar of Vtiger CRM for generating content. Marketing teams can generate marketing emails, blogs, ad copies, etc., to run effective marketing campaigns. And, sales team can compose the content of emails to invite customers for a demo presentation, webinar, etc. Using Vtiger ChatGPT, you can:

  • Improve it to refine your content
  • Shorten it if the content is lengthy
  • Make it Formal to make it sound professional
  • Copy to clipboard to store the copy of the content and use it where it is needed.

Make eye-catchy subject lines by getting email suggestions

The combination of Vtiger Calculus and ChatGPT can analyze your email content, understand the essence, and suggest subject lines that can grab the reader’s attention. 

By creating captivating subject lines, you can increase the chances of your email being opened and read. You can also create a lasting impression on all the emails you send to your customers.

Draft impressive and polished email content

Fine-tune your email content ensuring clarity and preciseness and also maintaining a professional tone with Vtiger Calculus ChatGPT integration. You can refine your email responses using Improve it button to create engaging content that resonates with the audience. 

If you find the content lengthy, Shorten it and insert it into the body of the email at the end.

Refine chat responses

Support agents can improve responses in a single click to deliver accurate replies to customer queries. You can provide an exceptional user experience if you maintain the right tone and accuracy of the content. 

All this will take a few seconds for Vtiger Calculus ChatGPT to curate effective responses. And, this will be helpful for chat agents to address a large number of queries in a limited time.

Transfer chat to agents and provide a quick summary

You can provide a gist of the chat summary to your support agents if you want to transfer the chat. This can help your agents to get an overview of the chat conversation and they will be able to engage with the customers without fail. 

With the Vtiger Chatbot, management of customer queries is now made a step easier. The best of Calculus AI and GPT integration, Vtiger Chatbot takes your customer engagement to the next level via quick query resolution. It is easy to train and responds to customers from the information stored in the knowledge base. Get to know more about it here

Do you want to witness the functioning of Vtiger Calculus+ GPT integration?

Click on the video below and immerse yourself in the world of Vtiger Calculus AI and ChatGPT duo.