vtiger CRM for iPhone: v1.2 Now Available on the App Store!

When your sales teams are on-the-go it doesn’t mean that their deal and customer data has to be left behind. Get the vtiger CRM integrated iPhone and Android apps and keep your business edge whether you’re down the hall or around the world!

vtiger CRM for iPhone (v1.2) now includes:

  • Import any CRM contact from your vtiger CRM app straight to your iPhone’s address book
  • Create, edit and view CRM records including contacts, accounts, leads, tickets, and more
  • Alerts – get notifications about upcoming tasks, potentials, tickets, and more
  • Click to call – select a contact and click on the phone icon to call them
  • Offline access – access your CRM data and update it even when your phone is not connected to internet
  • Card scanning – automatically extract the text from photographed business cards and use it to create new contacts, leads or accounts.
Try the vtiger CRM integrated iPhone or Android apps!




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Thanks for the update. I am not very pleased with the Dutch translations. Is there maybe a way I can help with this?


Thanks for the generous offer, Tom! We could definitely use your help in refining the translation so we’ll be in touch with you via email very shortly!

mbt clearance uk
mbt clearance uk

Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!


does the scanning business card facility work now?


I am not getting alerts on my vTiger iPhone application. However, the calendars and events being synced properly without a problem. Please let me know how to get alerts about the new tasks and events?



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