Work smarter with GPT integrated Calculus AI

With conversation analysis, recommendations on the next best actions, intelligent nudges, and a custom chatbot with Natural Language Query (NLQ) capability, Calculus AI empowers your employees to work smarter.

Vtiger One powered by Calculus AI + GPT helps your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams to deliver exceptional customer delight. Explore the power of Vtiger One today.

What is Vtiger Calculus and GPT feature?

Vtiger Calculus is an AI-based tool that takes inputs from the CRM to automatically provide you with the best advice and solutions to guide customer-facing teams. It leverages NLQ to extract different information in everyday language, driving faster business decisions.

GPT in Calculus helps your Sales, Marketing and Support teams have effective conversations with your customers - See the use cases.

GPT in Vtiger Calculus

Instant answers at your fingertips

Access Calculus GPT directly from the CRM. Ask any query and receive instant answers or suggestions for topics such as blog posts, ad copy suggestions, team-building activities, etc.

Build Your Custom Chatbot

Boost Customer Engagement, Effortlessly

Vtiger's custom Chatbot can be linked to your business knowledge base like articles,  FAQs, and chat transcripts. Empower customers to converse with the bot in standard English and access business-related information, improving customer engagement. Easily integrate your custom bot with your website, Facebook, or WhatsApp, expand your reach, and aim for more deal closures.

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Conversation Analytics


Sentiment Analysis

Get insights into the quality of conversations with email and phone call analysis. Calculus AI can flag conversations that need attention, provide conversation summaries and watch for positive and negative signals 

Call quality analysis

Calculus AI can monitor the quality of calls by watching for potential blockers like long monologues, talking speed, negative mood and talk-to-listen ratio.

call analysis

AI powered Dashboards

Calculus AI provides actionable insights to both sales team members and sales leaders through specialized dashboards. Generate robust reports by interacting with the system in everyday language and retrieve business insights. With relevant data points and insights, sales leaders can transform into coaches to help the team achieve business goals


Intelligent Recommendations

next action

Next best action

Calculus monitors the actions on a customer record in the pipeline and suggests the next best action. With intelligent and contextual nudges, customer facing teams do not have to worry about dropping the ball on actions they need to take. 

Best time to contact

Save time and improve conversion ratio by contacting people when they are most willing to listen to you. 

Calculus analyzes historical data and correlates data points from a myriad of sources to recommend the best time to contact someone. 

time to contact
email assistant

Email reply assistant

Calculus helps sales team members be on top of their customer conversations with suggestions on content to send when replying to emails. 


Impactful Predictions

deal score

Deal scoring

With an AI powered scoring methodology, deal scoring gets more accurate and granular.  Calculus AI uses historical data and dozens of signals like fit score, sentiment score, engagement score to predict the probability of winning a deal. 

Reliable forecasts

With improved deal scoring, monitoring of dozens of buy signals and discovery of patterns that might not be obvious to sales team members, Calculus AI is able to provide much better forecasts on pipeline conversion


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Blazing fast UI

one view

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