Create AI assistants for different actions with the Prompt Builder

Empower your Sales, Marketing, and Help desk teams with an AI assistant tailored to perform various tasks.

What is Prompt Builder?

The Prompt Builder lets you create custom prompts based on CRM data. Admins can create custom prompts to get contextual answers from AI models. Each prompt includes instructions and relevant CRM data. For instance, an admin can create a prompt to draft a follow-up email with meeting minutes and related cases. This ensures that the AI model crafts context-specific emails.

Power of generative AI in CRM

The Prompt Builder extends the power of generative AI by leveraging CRM data to create customized responses. Prompts can be created at the contact level. For example, you can ask Calculus AI to draft personalized emails by including relevant details like the contact name, organization, role, etc.

Empower Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams with job-specific AI assistants

With Prompt Builder, you can save time by creating prompts for different types of actions. Sales reps can use custom prompts to get suggestions to handle specific sales objections or create follow-up emails. Customer service reps can use prompts to get initial case summaries and suggested responses. Marketing teams can draft personalized email campaigns leveraging customer purchase history.

Prompt engineering with no code

Craft prompts effortlessly by selecting related data attributes and providing instructions in plain language for the desired response. The Prompt Builder's intuitive, code-free interface ensures ease of use for all users.

Reuse Data Templates in different prompts

For example, a Data Template can include contact details such as name, title, and location, as well as a contact's open cases, and opportunities. This Data Template can be used in different prompts - a prompt to summarize the contact, or a prompt to draft an email requesting a follow-up meeting with the contact.

Preview prompt responses

Test the prompts by previewing the responses with various records. Quickly validate prompts to ensure accuracy and relevance across various scenarios.

Record and List modes

Prompt Builder offers two modes to manage how Calculus AI retrieves information for your prompts:

While creating prompts, you can choose between Record or List modes. In the Record mode, Calculus AI retrieves information from each record, while in the List mode, it retrieves data from a list of records. For example, a prompt to draft an email corresponds to the Record mode, whereas a prompt to retrieve the top 3 cases from a list is associated with the List mode.

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