Become a Vtiger Reseller

Who should join?

  • Consulting services providers
  • Support providers
  • Systems integrators (SI)
  • Training providers
  • Value-added resellers (VAR)

Reseller​​ (free for 60 days)

The reseller program is designed for Vtiger On-Demand. Becoming a Vtiger value added reseller is easy to do and free (Free for 60 days – auto-renewal upon referrals). If you become a Reseller, you will get 25% commission on monthly subscription fees earned from clients referred by you, during their first year (15% from 2nd year onwards).

The Vtiger Reseller Program gets you

  • 2 hours of free training on our On Demand products.
  • Access to sales and marketing resources.
  • A reseller portal that makes it easy to register your leads by creating Sign-up forms for your website.
  • Create login forms for your website.
  • Direct access to our Customer Success Team to get help for customizations and configurations for On-Demand.
  • Early access to product roadmap enables you to improve business planning and influence product direction.

Other Benefits

Listing of your company on the new partner section of our website if your business earns $1,000 commission in the first six months by reselling On-Demand.

Reseller badge (once you successfully earn $250 commission).

Sell Additional services – Partners can provide additional services to their clients including consulting, customization, and training services.

If you are interested in our reseller program, please complete the form below. A Vtiger partner manager will contact you shortly. All information requested below is mandatory.

Contact Information

  • Company Name (Full legal name)
  • Corporate Email (should be different from the email address used for CRM signup)
  • Org Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile / Cell
  • Website


  • What is your company’s official name?
  • When was your company started?
  • What are your company’s strengths (large customer base, hosting expertise, consulting expertise)?
  • What products & services does your company offer?
  • How would you describe your customer base?

CRM Solutions

  • If any, what CRM solutions has your company sold in the past?
  • Does your company offer value added services for CRM? Please elaborate.
  • Does your company host CRM solutions for clients?
  • Can you share the names of 2 customers that have used your services for more than 1 year?
  • Will your customers prefer an online or on-premise CRM?

Review the reseller agreement