How many tools does it take to have meaningful conversations with your clients?

-From the CEO’s Desk

Are you facing an onslaught of sales tools?

B2B sales happen when relationships are formed. Relationships form when conversations are meaningful. There are over 1000 tools designed for Sales reps. This Sales Technology Blueprint from Saleshacker shows 37 categories. And there are dozens of tools in each category!

If you are just starting on a tool buying trip for your sales team, you might discover that at least 15 of these categories are applicable to your business. You might even consider getting a tool for each of these specific functions. You might also assume that these can all beautifully work together to synchronize data. 

But to have meaningful conversations, you need to empower your sales reps with all relevant information in a single view. When you have separate tools for appointment scheduling, document engagement, sending drip emails, and a few others for making calls, creating and sending quotes, your sales reps won't find the going easy. 

The scattered data also hinders coaching and insights for the management.

Vtiger CRM brings many of the features for running a sales organization into one application. 

It includes many functions designed a sales rep’s job easy - group mailboxes, document management, appointment scheduling, email sequences, mobile app with route planner and geofencing, integration with meeting apps, and data enrichment tools. Also, with Calculus AI, Vtiger adds the benefits of AI-guided selling in the form of Deal recommendations, Best time to call, Email Reply assistant, and more. 

For Sales leaders, Vtiger offers Coaching dashboards, Deal executive brief, Sales Insights, Quote Discount Approval automation, and smart alerts. 

Vtiger CRM connects with different collaborative technology - phone, SMS, email, calendar, and other tools and apps. And, it also connects with services you are already using(for example, ClearBit to enrich data or DocuSign to get documents electronically signed).

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Feature Announcement


Vtiger Social

Delight your customers with highly engaging content on Facebook and Google accounts.

Use Vtiger CRM’s new Social module!

Manage your likes, reviews, questions, and responses in the same window like a boss! 

You can even post on multiple platforms simultaneously too.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting Integration

Integrate Vtiger CRM with Sage Business Cloud Accounting software to take your productivity to the next level. 

You can sync important modules like Products, Services, Invoices, Organizations, and Contacts.


Product Updates


Tally Integration

Good news for Tally users!

You can sync records from Tally to Vtiger CRM and vice-versa simultaneously using the Sync Both Ways option. You can sync the PAN card, Credit limit, credit period, dispatch address, and mobile phone details from Tally to Vtiger CRM.

check our release notes.


Reminders on Individual Tasks from List View

Getting bogged down by your tasks?

Worried about missing a deadline?

Not anymore - simply set reminders on individual tasks directly from the List View.

check our release notes.


Kanban View

Fan of the Kanban View?

Us too!

Kanban View in the CRM is now available in inventory and custom modules.

check our release notes.


Exotel as SMS Gateway

Are you an Exotel user?

You can now send SMSes from Vtiger CRM using Exotel as the gateway. Up your conversations by connecting with your customers.

check our release notes.


Customer of the Month


kPoint Technologies is a leading video solutions innovator, providing a platform that enables people to create, embed, stream, and distribute high-quality enterprise videos. The kPoint platform also provides in-video search and click-through analytics.

“We use specific nomenclature in our business. And we were able to bring it into Vtiger CRM easily. Furthermore, we can use workflows to easily configure the system to meet our business requirements. And if we face any issues, Vtiger’s support team is always helpful.”

- Siddharth Vyawahare

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Interesting Tidbits


List View actions

List View is often the most used but still an underrated feature in many CRMs. 

The List View feature in Vtiger CRM packs a few powerful punches. In our blog, Big Little Things – List View Actions, we discuss why a little thing like List View in Vtiger is actually a big deal when it comes to using the CRM, especially for your daily tasks. 


VTAP Module Designer

The buzz around the low code platforms is real. Vtiger’s inbuilt low code platform, VTAP, is a great tool to customize your CRM as per your business needs. 

In our blog, VTAP Module Designer – Our low code platform, we talk about how you can use the Module Designer to build features, display error messages, save user preferences, customize screens by adding buttons, icons, etc.


My Favorite Feature


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Syeda Shifa Nayazi

Business Analyst

‘’Searching Modules is a breeze! Searchbar and the Favourite section make it easier to find things.’’


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