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July 2024

Zero-copy integrations improve efficiency and data security

Break down data silos and increase enterprise efficiency with VTAP and Zero-copy integration

June 2024

The CRM Implementation Checklist

Unlock the full potential of your CRM with Vtiger's step-by-step implementation checklist.

May 2024

Transform sales and support with custom AI Assistants using Prompt Builder

The Prompt Builder (included with Calculus AI) helps you create custom AI assistants that will streamline tasks and boost productivity.

April 2024

Deliver role-based experiences with custom layouts using Vtiger Layout Designer

Create custom UI layouts for each module to enhance user experience and derive more from the CRM.

March 2024

Unleash limitless automation with Server Side Scripting

Vtiger Cloud CRM now includes Server-Side Scripting, a feature previously exclusive to our open-source edition.

February 2024

Utilize NLQ to explore CRM data and produce actionable insights

Calculus AI supports Natural Language Querying (NLQ) for generating detailed reports and creating records.

January 2024

LLM-powered Chatbot fine-tuned for your business

Vtiger's Chatbot enhances customer satisfaction, provides real-time assistance, and aids agents effectively.

December 2023

From 2023 to 2024: Building on success together

We would like to hear from you about what you want to see from Vtiger in 2024

November 2023

Identifying a CRM that's right for your business

This post delves into specific CRM requirements for your checklist.

October 2023

Drive business results with Gamification

Increase engagement and drive results with the Gamification add-on in Vtiger.

September 2023

Elevate performance with Vtiger's Targets Add-on

Set up targets & supercharge your productivity and success.

August 2023

The Vtiger's Stockroom

Track and manage your product stock distributed in different locations effectively.

July 2023

Enhance the productivity of your field sales reps

Vtiger's Field Sales app empowers field sales reps with the necessary tools to manage field sales.

June 2023

The Vtiger CPQ advantage

Upsell and send accurate quotes with the Vtiger CPQ Add-on.

May 2023

Vtiger's Revenue Schedules

Forecasting revenue for deferred & recurring revenues made easy.

April 2023

Calculus AI - Tap the power of LLMs

Vtiger's Calculus AI engine can now tap the power of the LLMs and come with many other capabilities.

March 2023

Vtiger customer survey - Primary value props of Vtiger One.

We recently surveyed our users to learn whether we are making progress.

February 2023

Introducing Vtiger's Insights Designer!

Though not quite a full-fledged BI tool, the Insights Designer might just be what you are looking for.

January 2023

Building a CRM with your inputs and feedback

As we start the journey into 2023, we need inputs and guidance from you.

December 2022

Vtiger CRM's Journey through 2022

An eventful trip with more ups than downs and proud milestones.

November 2022

AI can help SMBs with small data sets

With Vtiger's Calculus AI, Customers can start using AI in selling, coaching, and customer service.

October 2022

Vtiger One eliminates information silos

Vtiger One helps businesses realize the vision of a unified platform.

September 2022

Best practices for employee retention

Let us understand the different ways to attract and retain the best employees in an organization.

August 2022

Is Vtiger a CDP or CSP or a CRM?

Vtiger One enables your business to craft impactful touchpoints through the customer journey.

July 2022

Leverage Vtiger LMS to meet your Coaching needs

To improve the win percentage, salespersons need the right coaching.

June 2022

Key roles for a successful CRM implementation

Identify roles and align responsibilities for a successful CRM implementation.

May 2022

Choosing a CRM is only half the job done

Capturing requirements from actual users the key to a successful implementation.

April 2022

Onboarding & Coaching Sales Reps

Create in-house training and onboarding programs with Vtiger LMS.

March 2022

Increase user adoption by using Low-code

Extend CRM capabilities for tailor-made experiences with VTAP.

February 2022

Process Designer to optimize your business processes

Making administration easier with Vtiger's Process Designer.

January 2022

Present the Vtiger Deal Room to your buyers!

Use the Deal Room to enhance your buyers' experience!

December 2021

Get ready for 2022!

Become business-ready with Vtiger CRM. Kickstart your 2022 journey today!

November 2021

Vtiger One View - Enhance customer experiences

Break the siloes between Marketing, Sales, and Customer service teams with Vtiger One View.

October 2021

Do Social listening from within your CRM

Social Module - Power your marketing efforts through social listening.

September 2021

Are you facing an onslaught of sales tools?

The right tools for your sales team to have meaningful conversations.

August 2021

Microsoft Teams integration with Vtiger CRM

Collaborative tools that amplify your productivity - with Microsoft Teams + Vtiger CRM integration.

July 2021

VTAP addresses your business's specific demands

VTAP - A low code platform to extend CRM capabilities and drive more value.

June 2021

Calculus AI, Your Sales Accelerator

Vtiger Calculus AI applies the power of AI and NLP to help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.