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A reliable URL shortener with lifetime usage to help you run optimized campaigns.

What is a Short URL?

Short URLs are short website links widely used in social posts, emails, and SMS campaigns that limit your message. Short URLs also work perfectly for print media, where users can memorize links for web pages.

Quick and reliable URL shortener

Vtiger Short URL is a powerful feature built to cut down the length of website links by reducing unwanted parameters.

No expiration date with lifetime usage

Not all URL shortener features give you lifetime link usage. With Vtiger Short URL, your links are secure and do not expire.

Secure built-in UTM builder

Use the Google Analytics URL builder feature to generate campaign UTM codes. Add custom campaign parameters for URLs to easily track analytics.

Memorable short URLs for any device

Create short URLs for tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Track the click-through rate of every link and optimize accordingly for best results.

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