Switching to Vtiger from another CRM?

Allow us to make this transition seamless with free migration services. Write to [email protected] to get started.

Here is how few of our customers have accelerated their growth by switching

HackerEarth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger

“Vtiger provides us with more functionalities than what Salesforce CRM did but at just half the price. Vtiger is easy to configure to our constantly evolving business requirements. It has an intuitive UI and is easy to use”

Hits 90% SLA target within a week of implementation

"We realized much more value from Vtiger for less than half the price we were paying for Zendesk."

Vtiger makes it easy to migrate your data and adapt our CRM.

We offer completely free services for Vtiger Open Source to Vtiger Cloud migration.

We offer free and paid support migration from the following CRMs.


Yes, you can import the data in Vtiger cloud using our import feature for that you need to format your data in CSV files as Vtiger guidelines. This will allow you to import basic fields in Vtiger cloud. For complex data import, you need to reach us for the migration service.

You can ensure that your data is safe and secured. We follow vtiger privacy and security guidelines. We comply with international standards of data security and ensure data protection during migration. 

We can not migrate source-level/DB level customization made on your previous CRM, and custom modules or extensions data also not supported.

Some of the most common migrations we have done from other CRMs as follows:

  • Salesforce
  • Sugar
  • ACT
  • Suite CRM
  • Zoho
  • MS Dynamics
  • Modules data (Ex: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, etc. )
  • Custom fields
  • Custom picklist values
  • Field mapping.
  • Comments
  • Emails, Documents, and Attachments (Based on the given data)
  • Extension’s data
  • Custom modules (Not supported by Vtiger)
  • Custom changes (Either code level or database level)
  • Module Layout design (Ex: Fields ordering, blocks creation, etc.)
  • Reference fields (Related fields that are not supported by Vtiger)
  • Merging of two instances
  • Removing duplicates
  • Roles and Profiles
  • User’s login history and records history
  • Workflows, reports, and settings

We will complete the migration process in 2-4 weeks. ETA may vary depending on data size.

Following are prerequisites

  • Backup files.
  • Documents / Attachments
  • Vtiger cloud account.
  • Support access

We support the following data formats.

  • MySQL Server backup file (.SQL file) + Attachments.
  • MSSQL Server backup file (.BAK file) + Attachments.
  • CSV files (.CSV) + Attachments.
  • Others (Should be validated by our migration team)

We will complete the migration in 2 phases. 

  • Evaluation & Test run.
  • Final migration.

Our sales/support team will follow up and update the complete details based on the source CRM.

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