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Vtiger Inbox is the perfect email inbox you always wanted. It simplifies things by showing only active emails, instantly notifying assignees, and helps in writing effective replies.

vtiger inbox

Vtiger Inbox allows you to manage all your emails from one place. With directly linked records, any information you need is just a click away. Easily handle multiple email accounts with 2-way sync.

Collaboration made easy

Communicate with your team members in the group mailbox through comments. Ideal for Sales and Support teams to have a common ID where they receive inquiries and requests. Mention your team members in the emails you wish to involve them in, and they can see it when they open the email.

Assign emails to team members

Your team members can see emails assigned to them in the group mailbox. You can assign the emails right from the mailbox itself. The clear cut assignment allows for smoother task flow and prevents confusion.

Declutter the inbox

Keep your inbox organized without manually sorting finished emails. Emails marked as ‘Done’ are automatically moved to the Done folder. Deleted emails are transferred to the trash.

Reply to specific email IDs

You can choose specific email IDs to reply to dynamically. Pick any of your email IDs set up in the inbox as a reply-to email.

Synced to perfection

Sync emails between your email client (Gmail and IMAP Providers) and CRM inbox to see them all in the CRM.

Automated email linking

Set up Mailroom rules so that emails can be automatically linked to contacts as and when they are received.

Case studies

Why our customers love us

Sales Productivity

Breezway consolidates and automates its business processes with Vtiger, resulting in YoY sales growth.


Pactia uses Vtiger Workflows to automate its sales process to save time and focus on the more important tasks.

Customer Base Growth

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

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