CRM for Real Estate Companies and Agents

A single place to manage property inquiries, interact with buyers, manage property listings, schedule site visits, and nurture leads via emails and SMS campaigns.

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Take the hassle out of capturing property inquiries

Capture property inquiries coming from offline and online sources such as emails, websites, phone calls, trade fairs and social channels.

track realtor inquiries
capture lead source

Identify which channels and marketing campaigns are getting you the highest number of leads and conversions. Revamp your strategy and allocate marketing budgets accordingly.

At a glance, identify the best leads you can pursue and prioritize follow-ups.

recognize important deals

Assign potential clients to the right agent, faster

Automatically assign clients to agents based on location, deal size, availability, language, or other preferences.

assign clients
reply to queries

Nurture leads by giving right information at the right time using Email and SMS campaigns. Analyse campaign performance, open rates, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes to tweak your messaging and targeting.

Use Appointment pages to let your leads book or reschedule property visits with ease.

realtor calendar

Simplify site visits

Use Vtiger mobile app to optimise site visits with quicker navigation and real time check-in. Track time spent at each site to ensure compliance.

manage site visits
brochure management

Collate all property brochures and deal related documents in one place in an organized and searchable way. Share brochures with prospects and see how they engage in real time.

Gain deeper insights into your sales process. Sales insights and custom reports show you where agents spend time and what's working. Additionally, scheduled reports to get them delivered right into your email inbox.

real estate deal insights

Optimize team performance with easy and fast collaboration

Use @mentions and internal chat to collaborate on deals and make working together easy and quick.

manage realtor teams
gripping deals

Pick up property inquiry conversations right from where it was left off, regardless of the channel the conversation started on.

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What is Real estate CRM?

A real estate CRM software is designed to help realtors provide personalized service to clients from one unified platform. It is a one-stop solution for real-estate companies to manage leads, track inquiries, schedule appointments, and handle contracts.

Real estate agents need to be tenacious in the pursuit to convert leads to long-term customers. A CRM tool is ideal for brokers or contractors as it allows them to automate workflows and save time on repetitive tasks. It provides a bird’s eye view of the entire sales process, deals in the pipeline, and inventory, all in a centralized database.

Why is CRM vital for Realtors and Real estate businesses?

Centralized Information: Collects information from various channels such as web forms, emails, calls, and social media to store it in a centralized database with easy access.

Smart Lead Management: Agents and brokers can identify the most valuable leads and prioritize them to effectively close deals.

Secures Transactions: Agents can upload contracts and manage monetary transactions. It stores all vital documents, brochures, and deal-related information securely.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Real-estate businesses can conduct powerful email drip and social media campaigns with CRM tools to target the right audiences.

24*7 Support and Mobility: Agents have customer information right at their fingertips at all times. They can respond to inquiries and provide service at any time, anywhere.

Seamless Integrations: Integrate with typical business applications. This saves time, facilitates quick data transfer, and helps in team collaboration.

Quick Query Resolution: Realtors and agents can remain available for clients round the clock. This promotes quick query resolution and boosts customer satisfaction.

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