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Microsoft Teams is a popular internal collaboration tool from Microsoft.

If you are a Teams user, you can see your Vtiger account's information from the Microsoft Teams. You can view contact and deal information from the Channel tab and add dashboards to your Personal tab.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams Integration

  • View your Tasks, Contacts, Deals, Cases and CRM Dashboards directly in Teams within your group's Channel and Personal tabs.
  • Send Contact or Deal cards to teammates via the Channel conversation.
  • Search for Contacts or Deals by asking the Vtiger Bot with name, phone number, or email address.
  • Ask Vtiger Bot for your agenda for the day.
  • Schedule meetings from Contacts, Deals, Emails, Web Chats, and Events modules in the CRM.
  • Vtiger automatically updates invitee attendance once the event is marked as held.
  • Vtiger obtains the meeting recording URL and stores it in the event record once the event is marked as held.
  • Create and insert the Teams meeting link while composing an email or from the Web Chats conversation.
  • Calculus AI add-on analyzes the meeting recordings and offers you valuable insights.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Access the information quickly throughout the various records.
  • Better collaboration across the team or organization.
  • Save time by avoiding toggling between the apps.
  • Communicate and share the data seamlessly.
  • Facilitates topic-based conversations.
  • Improve business processes and productivity with better data management.

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