Simplify Customer Data and Strengthen Relationships

CRM software (customer relationship management software) is a tool that helps your business build & improves customer relationships by gathering, organizing, and analyzing your customers' data strategically.

Why CRM software?

A comprehensive CRM system can be used by your sales, marketing, and support teams. It gives everyone on the team a holistic view of the customer and enables them to craft great customer experiences.

Customer-facing teams use CRM solution and related tools to communicate with customers, schedule appointments, nurture leads, win deals, manage customer complaints, send quotes, store customer information, and much more.

As a result of this, the CRM software becomes the single source of truth for insights on the customer and how your sales, marketing, and customer support teams are performing.

Ten biggest benefits of using a CRM software

increase revenue

Increase revenue through better deal nurturing and follow-ups


Improve customer relations


Accelerate Sales Cycles


Better internal communication & collaboration


Boost Sales and Support team productivity


Enforce best practices through process templates


Automate repetitive tasks


Get better insights on customers


Increase customer retention


Lessen risks to deals

Significance of CRM tools in businesses

Small Business

Working with a close-knit team and a handful of customers has its advantages. However, keeping track of all your customer demands and data on spreadsheets, emails, and notepads can be frustrating. CRM software can centralize your information and enable you to create and capture memorable customer experiences that mark milestone opportunities. Capturing information and insights on customers becomes particularly helpful as your small business scales and grows.

At Vtiger, we offer flexible pricing options so you can choose the features that your business needs and conveniently turn off features you don't need. You can now give big companies a run for their money at a fraction of the cost.

Medium-scale Businesses

Team leads and account managers are the heart of a medium-sized enterprise. As the leads start to pour in, managing prospects internally and optimizing operational costs to close deals become their significant concerns.

CRM solutions are designed to deal with such challenges by streamlining workflows and providing a one-click 360-degree view of your sales pipeline. CRM delivers timely notifications for follow-ups to help you stay on top of your game and ensures you give every customer the attention they deserve.

Large Multinational Corporation

C-level executives and decision-makers onboard MNCs have a lot on their plate. From keeping the sales pipeline plump to retaining their existing customers happy, they leave no stone unturned to meet their quarterly goals. CRM technology can help shrink those sales cycles and validate sales forecasts accurately with credible information rooted in real conversations.

With built-in features such as contact management, pipeline management, and workflow automation, your sales force can spend less time entering data and more time doing what they do best, closing multimillion-dollar deals.

When it is time to use CRM software?

Companies invest in CRM platform at different stages of their life cycle depending on the challenges they are facing, functionalities they want, goals they are looking to achieve, budget, size of the company, business model, and other factors.

However, you need a CRM solution if you are facing these issues and limitations in your business -

  • Spending a lot of time trying to find data on a customer or deal.
  • Deals slipping through the cracks.
  • Stagnant growth.
  • Increase in customer churn.
  • Decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease in sales representative or customer support productivity.
  • Limited visibility on how your team's activities.
  • Constant account and territory clashes among your sales team members.
  • Limited collaboration between customer-facing teams.

What should you look for in a CRM software?

contact management

Contact & Lead Management

Know you contacts better

opportunity management

Opportunity Management

Win deals faster

pipeline management

Pipeline Management

Keep track of the deals in the pipeline

email marketing

Email Marketing with auto-responders

Engage customers effortlessly


Customer Chat

Respond to leads and customers faster


Sales Automation

Automate repetitive tasks

reports & analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Build reports from CRM data



Configure the system to meet specific needs


Advanced Workflow configuration

Automate repetitive tasks


Lead Routing

Distribute the leads to right agent faster


Webform integration

Capture leads from website


Appointment scheduling

Schedule appointments faster

document sharing

Document sharing and analytics

Breathe new life into marketing & sales documents


Billing, quotes, and discount approvals

Streamline discount approvals


Integration with your email, phone, accounting and other applications

Integrate with over 500 business applications


Reminders/ Smart Notifications

Get notified of a mention, upcoming activity, email activity

How do you know if a CRM system is doing its job?

  • It should save time by providing information in a single place.
  • It should reduce oversights such as missed follow-ups.
  • It should accelerate deals.
  • It should help your business nurture leads better.

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