Drive strategic growth with Vtiger Learning Management System (LMS)

Use relevant product and professional training directly from your Vtiger CRM account to accelerate sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

What is Vtiger LMS?

Vtiger Learning Management System (LMS) feature enables organizations to easily create and publish learning courses both internally and externally.

With Vtiger LMS, organizations can now enable learning at all stages of their sales cycle to drive customer engagement, customer onboarding, feature adoption, self help and knowledge base portals.

Create and Manage Courses with ease

With an intuitive and easy to use Instructor Console, you can effortlessly create, edit and track courses. You can publish content into courses, concepts, exercises and quizzes. Your content can be in the form of PDFs, presentations, documents, or videos. You can even create certification courses incorporating all or parts of these capabilities.

Customize courses to meet your needs

With the dynamic course builder, you can choose how your course content is presented. Choose from a variety of content formats from text to videos. Create dependencies between courses to control how a certain content is consumed. Create categories and publish custom courses for each. You are in full control of every aspect of your courses.

Create Certification courses for effective knowledge management

To validate if internal sales, support teams are up to date on relevant product updates, create certification courses easily. Customer and partner training and validation can also be easily done with these advanced but easy to implement course formats. Evaluate learning effectiveness through quizzes, exercises and assessments.

Accelerate Sales with impactful sales training content

Getting sales team members up to speed with professional selling techniques, strategies and relevant product content can be a huge challenge for sales leaders. With Vtiger LMS, complex topics can be easily broken down into digestible bits called concepts. You can create various lessons and exercises to ensure team members have understood and internalized the concept. Combine this with Vtiger Sales Coaching capabilities to equip your team to win in the marketplace.

Publish courses for customers and external users

With the inbuilt LMS Portal feature, you can now deliver exceptional customer engagement and user experience through creating course content catering to all stages of the sales cycle - before, during and after the sale. When customers understand your offerings well and receive proper training, it increases customer retention, increases renewals and improves customer satisfaction. A well designed self-learning path can help reduce support costs and improve feature adoption as well.

Vtiger LMS is available as an add-on for Vtiger One Professional and Vtiger One Enterprise editions.

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