Print Templates - Customize and print documents in an instant!

With Vtiger Print templates, you can reduce the time spent crafting professional documents for review and signatures.

What are Print templates?

A print template is a preformatted document that you can use to generate documents such as invoices, quotes, etc., and share with your contacts.


Create documents hassle-free with Vtiger!

Awaken the designer inside you

It is so easy to add design elements to your print template that you will be compelled to unleash the artist in you. You may even add a Header and Footer while you are at it.

Create custom PDFs - Your wish is the Print Template’s command

Using a template to create PDF files couldn’t have been easier. Create customized PDFs by specifying tiny details such as page size, orientation, and filenames. You can also develop watermarks for your documents.

Pull data from the CRM and add it to the PDF. Add details such as company, certain custom functions, Esign tabs, and barcodes.

Currency and number formats

Bid adieu to your currency and number formats worries. Vtiger allows you to configure these details right from the Print Template. Specify preferred currency, number system, decimal separator, digit grouping separator, and much more. Do you know - you can even choose to truncate the number of zeros after the decimal?

Getting to print templates made easy

You can effortlessly access your print templates through different modules, workflow email tasks, and the customer portal. While accessing the print template from the modules, you can save the records as a PDF or email them with a PDF.

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