Vtiger Add-ons

 Optimize your day-to-day tasks by choosing from a wide range of Vtiger Add-ons that cater to your specific business requirements.



Fulfill orders faster with accurate stock visibility, including for stock at distributor warehouses.

CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote

Create and share accurate, professional-looking quotes with prospects/customers.


Improve performance with Vtiger's Targets Add-on by conveniently setting targets for user activity.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Create and publish courses for employee onboarding, and self-help documents for customers.

QR Code

QR codes optimize data management, improve customer interactions, and streamline customer relationship management.

Booster Packs

Extend the capabilities of your CRM by adding required features on demand. Cost-effectively customize your CRM modules and expand the scope of CRM functionality.

Field Sales

Maximize your field agents performance while they're in the field.

Frequently used Modules

Get your most used CRM modules available in order on the top of your list. Access important modules quickly and easily without searching everywhere.

Multiple Addresses

Store multiple addresses for an individual organization, vendor, lead, or contact. Select any of these multiple addresses while creating a new inventory item, such as an invoice, purchase order, etc.

Weather app

Learn about the climatic conditions of your contact’s location and plan in-person meetings accordingly. Avoid offline meetups during bad weather.


Accept and track your payments sold to your customers. Provide a secure gateway for them to conduct seamless transactions that are faster and safer.


Get your important documents signed electronically and link to relevant contacts. Documents can include quotes, invoices, contracts, etc. You can track your transaction updates, and attach files while sending them to your customers.


Foresee your sales cycle right from the negotiation stage to deal closure and predict sales revenue. With Vtiger Forecasts, you can identify the gaps in the performance and specify team goals for each team member.

Privacy Guard

Automate the process of obtaining, storing, and utilizing your contacts' consent and encrypting their sensitive data at rest. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with privacy laws, and save your employees time spent working on compliance actions.


Manage and track a company's inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries and identify the right amount of stock to order. Also, quickly create invoices, quotes, and purchase orders using Vtiger Document Templates.

Grid Edit

Edit multiple records, save them in just a click, and view all the records in a tabular format. Eliminate editing records by visiting each data individually and save your precious time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Perform a variety of tasks faster with different Keyboard Shortcuts. You can accomplish more without moving your hands away and get around Vtiger CRM easily.


Share your announcements, product updates, technical instructions, or any documentation with your customers with Vtiger Articles. Aid your customers with in-depth knowledge about anything regarding your business in a hassle-free manner.


Click on a record and understand the list of users accessing the record simultaneously. You can also see the image if the user has uploaded it.

List Reminder

Set reminders from the List View section to follow up leads, schedule a meeting, etc., seamlessly without visiting the Events module. Create meeting links and share them with various participants beforehand.

Short URL

Optimize your campaigns by cutting down the length of long URLs and utilizing it for social posts, email, or SMS campaigns. Use UTM builder to generate UTM codes and track campaign parameters easily.

Google Sheets Export

Make way for higher collaboration by sharing important business data in real time. Arrange data in different rows and columns and facilitate customization by adding or deleting rows and columns as per your requirements.

Deal Room

Share, engage, and track content with potential buyers using Deal Room. Provide answers to every question your clients have asked and get a unified view of your upcoming activities.

OTP in Vtiger Webforms

Ensure the accuracy of the email id and phone number submitted in the Webform by enabling OTP verification. Receive OTP on both email id and phone number to increase the inflow of quality leads.


Send polls or surveys to your customers & employees and get their opinions and feedback. Understand what your customers perceive about your brand and implement necessary changes if required.

Google Lead Forms

Build an effective lead generation strategy by capturing leads directly from Google Search Ads. Attach these forms while running ad campaigns and customers can easily provide their information without visiting your website.

Office 365 Connector

Link your contacts and calendars from Office 365 to Vtiger CRM and speed up the sales cycle to close deals. Access emails and documents from different locations and reduce the time on searching important data.

Exchange Connector

Connect your contacts, leads, organizations, tasks, and calendar events with Microsoft’s Exchange Connector. With more power than Vtiger’s plugin, you can drag different records to the desired folders and reduce duplicate data in a flash.


Run effective campaigns using the Mailchimp email marketing tool and sync the Chimp marketing list with associated contacts in the CRM. Capture contacts from Mailchimp to the Vtiger, enable One-way or Two-way sync, and improve your campaign performance.


Find and verify professional emails using primary information. Verify the sources of emails and categorize them by capturing valid and invalid email ids separately.

Constant Contact

Create and manage your business contacts and send automated emails to your customers. Increase your efficiency by sending emails directly from your CRM with synchronization.


Strike a conversation with your customers by having in-depth knowledge about them. If there is missing information, gather more details from their email addresses and focus on selling effortlessly.


Use the Conference module such as Zoom Meet, Google Meet, etc., to talk to your valued customers and customer-facing teams directly from your CRM. Keep your co-workers in the loop by having regular discussions and avoid missing important meetings.

Microsoft Teams

View contact and deal information directly in the Teams Channel and carry out your tasks from a single location. Make way for seamless internal collaboration by enabling audio or video calls and scheduling meetings on time from different CRM modules.

Internal Chat

Smartly converse with your colleague using individual or group chats. Check if your customer is online or not and message accordingly. Set up notification alerts to empower your teams for better collaboration.

Telnyx SMS

Increase your delivery rates by sending directly via Telnyx's private communication network. Depending on your location, send SMSes using a local number or your business name using an alphanumeric sender ID.

SMS Alert

Send thousands of SMS messages with just a click using SMS Alert gateway. Utilize various modules such as Contacts, Leads, and Organization modules to trigger SMS-based campaigns directly from CRM.

Plivo SMS

Send and receive text-based messages to individual or multiple contacts straight from CRM. Set up alerts when a customer asks for a query and give instant replies without a fail.

SMS Notifier

Trigger mass messages with SMS Notifier and increase SMS campaigns right from Vtiger CRM. Use external apps such as Zoom Connect, Clickatell, etc. Target campaigns by setting up workflows and informing customers about offers, discounts, and promotions.

SMS Campaigns

Send out personalized messages to your audience with the SMS Campaign feature and track the delivery status in real time. Gain a unified view of your customer conversations and keep all team members on the same page.

SMS Reply Actions

Analyze customer replies and auto-respond to the SMS by setting up SMS Reply Actions. Create a contact, lead, or organization record based on the customers’ responses.

Exotel SMS

Send bulk SMS and initiate SMS campaigns without a pause. Track customer conversations, and quickly generate leads from inquiry calls.

WhatsApp via Twilio

Send WhatsApp messages straight from Vtiger CRM and relate them to different modules. Use various templates for your messages and send standard greetings.

WhatsApp via Clickatell

Boost communication by linking phone calls to business hours. Get a transcript of the phone calls and set up Interactive Voice Response(IVR) functionality to handle heavy call traffic.

WhatsApp via Gupshup

Use customized templates and themes to personalize messages. Run text-based marketing campaigns and measure the ROI in a breeze.

WhatsApp via Gupshup Enterprise

Facilitate smart interactions by sending personalized messages to your customers. Curate content using pre-built templates and measure the ROI of WhatsApp campaigns.

WhatsApp via IMI Mobile

Send messages from multiple modules like Contacts, Deals, Internal Tickets, Invoices, and Leads. Trigger notifications approvals, greetings, offers, and more in the form of texts, images, and videos.


Trigger WhatsApp messages in bulk and enable auto replies to save time and increase customer satisfaction. Add Wablas Business API extension to run marketing campaigns and take your brand to your target audience.


Vtiger Social Module Integration is another way to delight your clients through social networking sites - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This integration provides the ability to see the social activities of the contacts and search for specific keywords across all social media within the CRM.


Capture lead details from LinkedIn and add information in the respective fields of Vtiger CRM. Import multiple LinkedIn connections with all the required information in just a click.

Phone calls

Connect to your customers through calls or messages directly from the CRM. Contact customers from your desktop or laptop via different touchpoints - calls, SMSs, or faxes, take notes of the meetings and make way for superior collaboration.

Tata Tele Business Services

Facilitate a smart call flow strategy to manage customer calls. Route calls to the agents based on the customer’s needs and demands.

Ozonetel Telephony

Facilitate a screen pop-up for incoming calls and monitor customer conversations. Enable Click to Call from a CRM record and route calls to the reps effortlessly.


Manage your accounting activities with QuickBooks and access your customers' billing status, payment details, and shared documents directly within Vtiger CRM. Create invoices with just a few clicks from a Quote or Sales order and save time with fast data sync.


The Subscription module in Vtiger CRM automates invoice generation and payment processing for subscription-based services. Pay for your subscriptions using Manual Pay or Auto Pay and record every transaction created.


The Tally feature facilitates you to easily transfer the ledgers, stock items, and sales vouchers from Tally to Vtiger and avoid dual data entry. Keep the sales team updated with invoice and payment data.


Get a real-time overview of your cash flow with Xero accounting software. Create and manage invoices with instant notifications, track all payments from the Vtiger Dashboard and keep all your data in a centralized location.

Credit Notes

Allocate credits to your client when there is any pricing error in the invoice generated or when a customer returns an item. Generate credit notes from invoices and automatically adjust the amount while creating invoices for the customer next time.


Allow multi-directional data flow between Sage and Vtiger CRM and manage your business cash flow. Enable bookkeeping, expense tracking, cash flow management, etc., with Sage and set up workflows to conduct accounting operations.


Manage cash flow and control inventory by leveraging the integration to connect your accounting process to the CRM. Record tracking after each synchronization and generate reports to produce actionable insights.

Chart of Accounts

Group and track your financial transactions into different categories for easy accounting and tax management. Enhance your tax management process by bringing about additional tax modes for inventory modules and facilitate easier tax updation.

Shopping Cart

Integrating Shopping Cart with Vtiger allows consumers to select merchandise, review what they have chosen and make necessary modifications or additions. You can also Import Products, Orders, and Contacts from your E-Commerce site to Vtiger CRM.


Convert your website into an online store and manage sales orders, products, tax records in Vtiger. Use Field mapping between WooCommerce and Vtiger for smooth sync and create new reports based on the customers' purchase history.


Bring leads every half an hour and target more closures in less time. Have access to voluminous data and map information to different CRM fields by syncing.


Get timely recommendations about customer lifecycle using AI-enabled Calculus. Use this as a personal assistant to deliver the right alerts at the right time and help you win deals.

Live Chat

Respond to your customers in real-time through live chat conversations with agents, and automated answers through Answer Bot. Improve customer satisfaction by responding to their queries on time.

Voice Bot

Start giving voice commands to CRM to perform basic tasks. You can open or close a module, search and navigate to the next section using Voice Bot and get rid of typing long keywords.

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