Increase Business Reach with Vtiger SMS Integration

SMS integration allows you to increase customer service by sending SMSes to prospects and clients.

Your business needs to be responsive and communicate with them effectively to build a deep relationship with customers. SMS services help organizations build faster response rates and get back to customers instantly to resolve their queries.

This integration enables you to send and receive text messages right from your CRM without switching windows or applications. You can send these kinds of SMS messages from within Vtiger CRM:

Single Stand-Alone Messages

You can send individual messages to customers or organizations to inform them about products or services, upcoming offers, and meeting requests.

Mass Messages

It becomes easy to send bulk messages to your contact database. This helps marketers manage targeted campaigns and inform customers about offers, discounts, and promotions.

Automated SMS Messages

You can set up automated workflows to send SMS messages at a specific date and time. This enables you to greet clients at scheduled intervals and manage pre-planned campaigns with triggered actions.

Seamlessly Send SMSes From Vtiger CRM

CRM systems with in-built messaging capabilities can help you enhance your marketing, sales, and support workflows. Here is how you can send messages from Vtiger CRM in three simple steps.

The first step is to sign up with an SMS service provider. They will provide you with a unique user ID, authentication details, and a password.

Once you receive the details, you need to configure the service provider in Vtiger. There are many preloaded service providers in Vtiger, such as TextAnywhere, SMS99, Solutions Infini, India SMS, Zoom Connect, Clickatell and GupShup.

This enables you to sync all data and send messages to leads, prospects, and customers from Vtiger directly.

SMS Gateways that Integrate with Vtiger CRM

Vtiger provides integration with the following SMS management service providers:

Key Features of SMS Integration

Leverage Vtiger SMS integration to get a unified view of any customer's message conversations. You can automate all SMS marketing activities and track customer responses with ease. Here are the key features of the integration:

Personalize Messages

You can use contact information from your CRM database to send personalized messages based on customer profiles. It becomes easy to segment your client base and send them messages based on individual preferences.

Unified Conversation View

You can organize all your customer conversations in one place and manage records efficiently with Vtiger SMS integration. This keeps all team members on the same page and helps you avoid separate message threads with customers.

Schedule Text Messages

This allows you to schedule messages for better customer engagement. You can plan to send messages according to customer time-zones and at a time when they are most likely to be available.

How Your Business Can Benefit by Using Vtiger SMS Integration

Enhances Customer Relationships

CRM SMS integration can streamline communication and help you connect easily with loyal customers. The more responsive you are, the better your rapport with customers in the long run!

Boosts Brand Awareness

Sending the right message at the right time to customers can help them gain awareness about your brand, products, and services. It is a smart way of promoting sales and increasing repeat customers.

Increases Campaign Reach

With all vital customer information at hand, businesses can increase their marketing campaigns' reach. They can send relevant messages based on customer preferences and purchase history in just a few clicks!

Track Customer Engagement

This can help you monitor customer engagement by tracking important metrics such as the number of inbound/outbound messages, links sent and opened. You get to know what is working and can improve the quality of your marketing campaigns.

Receive Message Notifications

You will never miss any message notifications and not lose out on precious time to get back to customers. Alerts and notifications let you know when you receive inbound notifications to keep you up-to-date, all the time!