Start working on your emails even before opening it

Manage your emails with Mailroom automation. Sort your emails and create records in the CRM even before you open them. Mailroom lets you do more with less time and effort.

vtiger mailroom

What is Mailroom?

The Mailroom is an automation feature that processes incoming emails in the CRM. You can set it up by forwarding emails from your regular inbox into it.

Virtual addresses for simplified sorting

Mailroom offers you unlimited virtual email addresses to which you can forward your mails for sorting as you need.

A mailbox for every record

Set up a separate mailbox for each record using the Mailroom. Keep all your emails organized right from the beginning. You can do this in the Contacts, Leads, Organizations, Cases, and Deals modules.

Forward it and forget it

Forward your emails to 'username+action@mailroom address' to perform specific actions on them. Actions can be replaced with appropriate terms to archive emails, create and update a case, create a lead, create a deal, etc.

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Aurik gets complete visibility into business operations by running on Vtiger's cases and tickets.

Hogar Futuro

Hogar Futuro increased customer satisfaction by 15% by implementing the Vtiger Help Desk and Sales module.

GB Advisors

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

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