Hogar Futuro + Vtiger CRM


Construction and Real Estate Development


Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico


  • Display relevant and correct data
  • Make better business decisions
  • Increased customer satisfaction from 7.0 to 8.5


Hogar Futuro is a 30-year-old construction and real estate development company from Nuevo León, Mexico. They develop real estate with social interest and build homes to meet the needs of Mexican families.

The Problem

There was a lack of real-time visibility of key commercial information that enabled executives to assess the status of the business at any given moment to take relevant actions or adjust the strategy to reach the business goals.

They also did not have a tool that would record and display customer information with relevant details such as properties bought, cost, etc., that would help them serve their clients more efficiently. They also needed a system to help with follow-ups on the one-year warranty offered on each house.

The Solution

Vtiger CRM implemented the Sales and Help Desk modules for Hogar Futuro.

The Vtiger Sales module displays a comprehensive view of customer data - houses bought and the related sale stages of each opportunity in real-time.

Vtiger’s Help Desk module provides complete information in a customer record that helps sales executives to communicate with clients on time and follow up on guarantees provided by Hogar Futuro.


Vtiger CRM’s customer data management solution provides the latest information on customers and homes bought.

This allows Hogar Futuro executives to display relevant information such as weekly sales, monthly sales, the sales stage of each deal, etc., and make informed decisions that impact the business positively. It also led to an increase in customer satisfaction from 7.0 to 8.5.