Wondering what’s the ideal CRM for your small business?

A CRM that’s affordable, easy-to-use, and customizable to suit the needs of your business. It should be effortless to get started with and scale as your business grows.

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Before CRM - Confused and Chaotic

Customer data and interactions are scarred across excel sheets, emails, notebooks, post-it notes, or your colleagues smartphone. You have no clue of whom your sales reps are talking to and how well your current customers are being served - are they happy? Or are they about to leave?

bad customer experience

After CRM - Calm and Composed

A CRM tracks everything you need to know about your prospects and customers - touchpoints, engagements, purchase history, subscriptions, and more. Enabling your team to collaborate, craft engaging customer experiences and grow revenue.

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What's the ROI of a CRM? Let the data do the talking..


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue growth


Increase in sales team’s productivity


Increase in customer renewal rate


Increase in CAGR


Goal completion with only 50% capacity in resources

Features that you should look for in a small business CRM

Vtiger can be the ideal CRM for your small business. Here's why..

Exceptional Customer Support

Award winning customer service centered around enabling you to succeed.

Flexible & Customizable

Customizable at the click of a button to adapt to your people and process.

Super-Easy to use

Designed to help your teams spend more time with customers and less on entering data.

What’s included? Everything you need to grow your small business.

Capture leads and incoming enquiries

Make the most of built-in webforms, social media & telephony integrations to capture leads from a variety of sources - website, social media, emails, and phone calls.

Engage and nurture leads with personalized messages

Nurture leads with personalized Email and SMS campaigns. Campaigns can be automated to reach out to customers at scale while saving time and resources.

Reach out and connect over phone

Reach out to leads over phone calls without leaving the CRM, thanks to built-in telephony and integrations. Every conversation is auto-recorded for future references.

Keep track of important deals, prospects and their activities

Visualize, organize, & manage deals with customized views & filters. Kanban, List, Calendar and more views available at the click of a button.

Spot deals that you might lose

Smart alerts keep you updated on deal activity and progress - proactively notifying you when a deal has stalled, so that you can swoop in and save the day.

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Resolve customer issues instantly, improve support efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Increase productivity and save time with automation

Automate repetitive tasks across your organisation from collecting leads, winning deals, providing support, and more.

Collaborate on providing the best customer experience

Leverage Vtiger built-in project management capabilities to collaborate with your teammates on winning deals, solving customer problems, and ultimately providing the best experience.

Understand what’s working and what’s not with insights

Gain deeper insights into your marketing, sales, customer support activities with insight and reports. Schedule reports to get them delivered right into your email inbox.

Everything about your customers in one place

Vtiger captures all customer data and interactions in a single place, giving everyone on your team a complete, 360 degree view of the customer.

Your growth engine in the palm of your hands

Vtiger’s mobile app brings the CRM into your palms - enabling you to perform at your best even on the go.

What are other small businesses saying about Vtiger?

Integrates with other apps that your business uses..

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