Vtiger Enrich = LinkedIn + Vtiger CRM

Capture leads and contacts from LinkedIn

Integrate your CRM with LinkedIn to get an unparalleled advantage with access to the contact data.

Vtiger Enrich Chrome extension lets you transfer data from LinkedIn contact into a CRM contact record. Creating a contact or enriching existing contacts is now surprisingly fast.

Key Features of Vtiger Enrich:

  • Find a contact's LinkedIn profile and add information from it to their contact record in CRM.
  • Update existing contact records with current information straight from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Track and engage CRM contact records converted from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Capture details like skill sets, qualifications, and experience.
  • Import multiple LinkedIn Connections to the CRM at once.
  • Import LinkedIn search results into CRM with a click.
  • Create events and tasks related to the contact.
  • Update multiple contacts with ease via Batch Import.
  • Enrich is available for LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the same features.

Benefits of Vtiger LinkedIn integration:

  • Use Vtiger Enrich as a lead generation tool to turn interesting new LinkedIn profiles into CRM Contacts.
  • Leverage LinkedIn to gather useful information about acquaintances with ease.
  • Effortlessly transform new social profiles into informative contact records.
  • Reduce duplication by finding matching contacts.

Available in these editions:

one professional one enterprise sales starter sales professional sales enterprise

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