Vtiger Enrich = LinkedIn + Vtiger CRM

Get an unparalleled advantage with access to the contact data

Vtiger Enrich Chrome extension lets you transfer data from LinkedIn contact into a CRM contact record. Creating a contact or enriching existing contacts is now surprisingly fast.

Key Features of Vtiger Enrich (LinkedIn Integration)

  • Find a contact's LinkedIn profile and add information from it to their contact record.
  • Update existing contact records with current information straight from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Track and engage CRM contact records converted from LinkedIn profiles.

Benefits of Vtiger Enrich (LinkedIn integration)

  • Leverage LinkedIn to gather useful information about acquaintances with ease.
  • Effortlessly transform new social profiles into informative contact records.
  • Update a contact record's field from their LinkedIn profile with just a click.
  • Update multiple contacts with ease via Batch Import.
  • Import LinkedIn connections into CRM with a click.
  • Import LinkedIn search results into CRM with a click.

Available in these editions:

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