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What is free CRM?

Free CRM - An initiative towards democratizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for everyone.

Why should you consider a free CRM?

So that you can start with zero today and add many zeros to your bottom line later!!

Whether it is free or not, CRM is a powerful tool you can use to scale up your business to new heights. CRM system will not only help in the smooth running of your business but will also assist you in tracking all processes and data from a single place.

Free CRM is a great way to accustom oneself to the powerful benefits that CRM software offers. This is especially true for small businesses or for those who are just starting.

Free open source or free cloud CRM? What's the difference?

Open source CRM software is a no holds barred solution that allows you to build a fully customized CRM system for your business. You can edit the source code to meet your exact requirements. The only condition being, you need someone skilled enough to install and configure it for you.

Free cloud CRMs, on the other hand, are free but have restrictions in terms of the number of contacts and users, features, storage, etc. These CRMs are hosted on the cloud and need internet connectivity to be used.

Does free CRM software come with any strings attached?

Many free CRM system providers entice their users to buy premium versions to utilize essential features. The pre-defined restrictions are meant to whet the user’s appetite for greater leeway in feature usage.

Additionally, free CRM providers are known to charge more for important features, making it expensive on the whole as your business requirements grow.

What features can you expect in a free CRM tool?

Based on the provider of the free CRM system, the features differ. It is up to you to pick which features are most relevant to you and then select the free CRM software to use.

Some of the features you can expect are:

Capture leads and start managing them immediately

Have complete visibility in handling leads and clients

Determine contact location and engage them

Easily share key details across the team

Schedule appointments, meetings, events, and tasks for time management

Managing tasks and activities efficiently

Manage contact database with unified data for superior customer service

Track deals and leads through the entire sales cycle

Leverage lead scores for higher conversions by optimizing time and efforts

Ascertain estimated deal value and the probability of sale

Make accurate forecasts regarding deal closures and lead conversions

Flawless third-party integrations like Calendars etc

Capable reporting tools which can assess how close you are to your goals

Management data reporting tools to gather valuable insights

Why should small businesses consider using free CRM? How useful is it?

Small businesses typically have limited resources. But the challenges they need to conquer are not different from those of bigger organizations. With such constraints, every resource is extremely precious and needs to be used judiciously. Free CRM software is perfect for filling this void.

business growth with free crm

CRM can help improve the bottom line of businesses, both big and small. The edge you gain by collating all data at a single location and leveraging it to discover new untapped opportunities is unfathomably powerful.

The importance of fulfilling customer expectations for any business to succeed needs no elaboration. Efficient handling of customer information plays an important role in this aspect. Thankfully, free CRMs are a savior of small businesses in this regard.

With the fast pace of transactions happening in today’s connected world, generations of erroneous information or duplicate records are a real possibility. Sorting this data and using it at the right place and time can cost small businesses many customers. The gaffes that can occur range from mismatched schedules and unreliable reports to unsatisfactory interactions with customers.

Here are some other ways in which a free CRM can benefit small businesses:

  • Complete business tasks on the go with mobile CRM apps. Update information or gain access to it and log your activities from anywhere and anytime.
  • Save time and energy by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Manage prospects and customers effortlessly via a single software.
  • Utilize email campaign metrics to optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Stay updated all the time with real-time notifications.

Why can’t you afford to stick to spreadsheets?

While spreadsheets are a great way to keep track of customers, no doubt, they are not scalable for large numbers. In addition to this, you will need to maintain multiple sheets to keep track of all pertinent data, increasing the management complexity.

Spreadsheets also need manual updating of all entries from time to time. You will spend more time and effort in updating information than you would in the case of a CRM. Manual entries also increases the possibility of errors or irrelevant duplication of data.

CRM systems, on the other hand, allows you to integrate with various business tools effortlessly. CRMs also make collaboration among your teammates easy and efficient. You can even schedule your meetings and tasks to optimize your time management. CRMs offer a plethora of advantages in comparison to spreadsheets, which makes it a no-brainer to choose CRM software over spreadsheets every time.

What makes Vtiger the ideal choice for all your CRM needs, no matter how diverse they are?

Vtiger is the only CRM solution that comes with a free cloud CRM and an open-source variant. There is also a choice of plans for every edition so that you can choose to buy what you want and rationalize your spending.

Vtiger Free edition (cloud) makes it easy to efficiently manage your sales pipeline minus the costs and the learning curve. Get ready to experience a whole new world of possibilities that open up when your business starts leveraging CRM.

Vtiger CRM Open Source is so good that it ranks first on SourceForge in terms of total downloads. The open-source variant is loved and supported by numerous businesses, users and developers. You can extend the functionalities of the open-source edition through the plugins available on the extension marketplace.

Wondering which edition suits your business? Fret not! Check out our features comparison page to make an informed decision.

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