Integrate Multiple Email Accounts with Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM integrates with various email service providers, enabling real-time synchronization of different email accounts. Vtiger supports multiple email accounts. Sync up to four email accounts with Vtiger Inbox and manage all your emails from within the CRM.

Email syncing is now made even more fluid. Vtiger CRM's smooth 2-way email sync with Gmail, Mailchimp, Office 365, and Microsoft Outlook is a hit for sales and marketing teams.

Handy Gmail sidebar that provides a 360 degree view of your contact

Gmail Add-on ties your current contacts to the emails you receive. Without switching tabs between your Gmail account and the CRM Inbox, view complete information about a contact, add comments, and archive the email.

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Sync contact information and sales data with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows users to read emails offline, share calendars with team members, and organize customer interactions in one place.

A single point of contact for all internal and external communications to keep you organized and accomplish tasks faster.

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Boost your productivity and Streamline your task using Office 365

Office 365 allows you to see contact information, tasks, meetings, and records on one screen without switching between screens. Deliver better customer service and interact more efficiently with a seamless flow of information and access to real-time data.

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Analyze email performance and send targeted email campaigns with Mailchimp

Segment your audience, send attractive, focused email campaigns, collect sales data, and monitor and analyze all engagements with the Mailchimp email marketing tool. In addition, Vtiger campaigns are synced with Mailchimp.

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