CRM for Office 365 Integration

Synchronize contacts, manage tasks, and schedule calendar events to increase collaboration and exponentially multiply your output.

Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based version of Microsoft's enterprise-grade time management and productivity tools. It offers access to several applications such as Excel, Outlook, and Onedrive to enable you to work efficiently and get things done faster.

Why integrate Office 365 with CRM?

Enhance productivity by integrating your CRM with Office 365

Integrating your CRM with Office 365 can help you view contact information, tasks, meetings, and records without shuffling between applications. The seamless flow of information and access to real-time data facilitates organizations to provide better customer service and communicate effectively. It is the best way to sync calendar appointments, email communication, and lead history in a single platform for complete visibility.

Benefits of Vtiger Office 365 integration:

Automatic 2-Way Sync: Gain quick and unrestricted access to emails, documents, and contact data with simple periodic synchronization.

View Communication History: Share and access complete communication history and customer interactions by directly archiving emails into the CRM system.

Streamlined Lead Management: Save time by automatically adding leads and contacts directly from your email to the Vtiger customer database.

Gain Business Insights: View real-time information in your CRM dashboard to know what sales are not progressing and take timely action to close deals effectively.

Document Sharing: Seamless flow of information between team members enables them to collaborate and view all documents on Onedrive.

Timely Reminders and Alerts: Get timely alerts for all events and appointments to provide excellent customer service and follow-up on idle contacts.

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