Drive Sales with beautiful Email Campaigns

With Vtiger, you can send beautiful emails effortlessly to segmented audiences. Target and track email campaigns to build strong trust in prospects.

Every Vtiger subscription comes with up to 25,000 free emails per month.

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Email Campaigns in Vtiger

Vtiger Email Marketing is a full package with easy to build email templates, drag and drop editor, and automation tools to track analytics in real-time.

A wide selection of templates

Vtiger has more than 80 ready templates. Choose from our templates or create from scratch using a drag-and-drop email designer, or import a template.

Drag and Drop editor

Use ready components to build emails that match your business needs. Customize your emails by choosing fonts/graphics/colors or by adding CSS styles.

Segment your audience and send personalized campaigns

Send targeted and timely emails to get better reach and become an email marketing expert.

Comply with GDPR and other regulations with Vtiger Privacy Guard

Get double opt-in confirmation, and consents for the specific use of data. With Privacy Guard, your clients can review and grant consents form the communications preferences page.

Use past campaign stats to improve future campaigns

Use analytics from past campaigns and alter factors such as sending time to improve response rate. Learn what messages are relevant to whom, how deeply they engage, and how to drive further engagement.

Enable real-time alerts to know who reacted to your email.

Automate follow-up Emails with Autoresponders

Send unique trigger-based emails for audiences from onboarding and nurturing to re-engagement and customer retention. Deliver value-added contextual emails to contacts based on their relationship with your business.

This ensures that you never miss a key relationship-building opportunity.

See engagement reflected automatically in Lead score

When your recipients access and respond to your email campaigns, Vtiger automatically keeps a score of it. Lead Score attribute takes into consideration various touchpoints, including engagement with email campaigns. 

Email Campaigns Pricing

Our worry-free pricing lets you focus on growing your business

Free emails

Every organization gets the greater of given emails or emails per user as per the edition.


Free Emails / Month

One Enterprise

25,000 or 2,500/User

One Professional

20,000 or 2000/User

Sales Enterprise

25,000 or 2,500/User

Sales Professional

20,000 or 2000/User

Sales Starter

10,000 or 1,000/User


Emails Price Cost/Email
50,000 $100 $0.002
100,000 $150 $0.0015
250,000 $300 $0.0012
500,000 $495 $0.00099
1,250,000 $900 0.00072
2,500,000 $1895 $0.000758
5,000,000 $3595 $0.000719
If you need more than your free allotment of email credits per month, but only sporadically, pay-as-you-go pricing lets you send emails at your own pace without worrying about losing monthly credits. (Purchased credits last 12 months. 1 credit = 1 email. Prices exclude regional taxes.)

Monthly Plans

Emails Price Cost/Email
50,000 $50 $0.001
100,000 $75 $0.00075
250,000 $150 $0.0006
500,000 $250 $0.0005
1,250,000 $495 $0.000396
2,500,000 $895 $0.000358
5,000,000 $1695 $0.000339
The more you send, the less it costs. If you send periodic newsletters or other scheduled campaigns, monthly pricing gives you a better bang for your buck. (Usage resets at the beginning of each billing cycle. 1 credit = 1 email. Prices exclude regional taxes.)

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