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Captures data from multiple apps and screens for a 360-degree understanding of a customer.

Understand your customers' motivations and pain points. Optimize your sales, support, and marketing touch-points with real-time actions and behavior insights. Deliver a top-notch customer experience.

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How can you use One View to benefit your business?

Find all customer-related data in one place

Lookup all records related to contacts, deals, cases, events, and much more. Reduce time spent on switching between screens to search for data. Prepare for meetings and make informed decisions. With data at your fingertips, you can close more deals.

Find what your customers want and when

Get insights into your customers and their expectations using key analytics. Use One View to map your customer touchpoints. Build long-lasting relationships by understanding the past, present, and future behaviors of your customers.

Find gaps and eliminate disconnects

Learn about the situations causing customers drop off. Isolate the disconnects that encourage dissatisfaction at any point during the purchase journey. Uncover moments of truth by mapping customer journey.

Find what makes a customer experience delightful

Leverage One View to support data-driven marketing strategy to make your customer journey experiential rather than transactional. Personalize your approach with meaningful actions swiftly from the One View widget.

Find everything you need to know about customer issues

Gain a deep understanding of a case based on the time of ticket creation, due date, invoices, quotes, and a lot more. Learn all about related cases, chats, calls, and deals. Develop and deliver seamless solutions promptly with no hassle.

What can you accomplish with Vtiger One View?

For Marketing Teams

Ensure better engagement by micro-segmenting customers and targeted emails in every step.

For Sales Teams

Ensure improved deal closure using customer touchpoints and key interactions.

For Support Teams

Ensure enhanced customer experience using unified customer data and key metrics.

What does Vtiger One view include?

One View in Contacts and Organizations

Find all your contacts’ information relating to deals, cases, documents, etc., all in one place without switching back and forth. Use this data to find the best possible outcomes to make a deal or resolve customer issues. Reach out to an organization’s contacts via call, email, SMS, Whatsapp directly from CRM. Save more time with quick access to invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and projects of an organization.

One View in Deals

Get all possible information connecting to a deal in one place. Measure conversation insights of a deal using Deal Score, Predicted Close Date, Engagement Score, Sentiment Score, and a summary of all touchpoints. With historical data on hand, you and your team will be able to close deals faster.

One View in Cases

Make the most out of the key metrics indicating SLA status, first response due date, resolution due date, and other analytics. With a unified view of records, look up information and swiftly resolve customer issues. Track the time spent by your team with Timelogs and train them to be better agents. Create invoices for billable hours or deduct free support hours.

Increased customer satisfaction by 15% with real-time info

With Vtiger One View, Hogar Futuro got a comprehensive view of real-time essential commercial information that enabled executives to assess the status of the business at any given moment to take relevant actions or adjust the strategy to reach the business goals.

A complete view of the customer journey in a few clicks

With Vtiger One View, Pactia was able to build the gaps between teams and provide them with a complete picture of their customers during every stage of their journey. Pactia made informed decisions using key analytics insights and data from One View.

Increased sales by 25% with swift deal tracking

With Vtiger One View, Breezway's sales team has easy access to quotes, deals, & service requests. Breezway was able to speed up the problem resolution time and leap ahead in YoY sales. They have observed improved management of deals and problems across the business.

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