Vtiger CRM: Open Source vs Cloud

Over 85% of businesses prefer a Cloud based CRM to Open Source

It’s easier to use, more customizable, highly secure, and saves money.


An increasing number of businesses are switching from locally installed CRM solutions to the cloud. By leveraging the benefits that the scale of cloud solutions brings – it saves them money and improves the security and accessibility of their data. This isn’t very different from how people use commercial banks. Commercial banks accept deposits on behalf of every client, and in exchange, provide services ranging from physical and digital security, to convenience of global accessibility through debit cards and ATMs. For any single person to build the same range of services and security for themselves would cost a fortune, however banks are able to charge each client a small amount, and in exchange provide these services to a depositor at little or no cost to each.

Similarly, Vtiger CRM Cloud Editions cost a small per-user fee for access to continuously improving, fast and secure software with 99.9% uptime, 24/5 product support, and a number of other perks – services that would cost a small fortune for any single organization to create.

Powering 300,000+ Businesses globally

What are the benefits of going with cloud?

Highly Secure

Against Physical Attack: All customer data is stored in secure data warehouses, with around-the-clock security to protect against physical attack.

Against Data Loss: In the case of hardware failures, redundant copies of customer data are stored on-site for rapid recovery.

Against Data Intrusion & Interception: All data is transferred with 128-bit encryption to ensure safety against snooping, with an operations team monitoring network activity and data access for threats.

Always Available

Uninterrupted access to the data that drives your business is an absolute must in today’s fast paced world, whether from across the office at another computer, or around the world from a mobile device. That’s why Vtiger is accessible from the most popular browsers and mobile devices, with dedicated teams working around the clock to ensure that systems are always online, with 24/5 support to ensure that your data is just a few clicks away.

Free 24/5 Support

Without help, matching your business functions and processes to a CRM, and getting it all set up, can be a harrowing ordeal. Leave it to our CRM experts, available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to help you get the most out of the system. If you ever encounter a problem, technical or otherwise, we’re here to help! Our response and resolution times are typically under.

Zero Maintenance, Higher Performance

There are a lot of moving parts in a CRM solution, from the software itself, to the system it’s hosted on, to the hardware it all runs on, to the internet connection and pipeline that delivers the solution. Cloud software does away with the need to own and maintain any of this. With a Vtiger CRM Cloud editions, experience:

  • Fast page load times – 0.5 to 3 seconds
  • High availability – 99.9% availability
  • Always up to date – new features and fixes every 2 weeks
  • No infrastructure or maintenance

Low Cost

Because we can spread the cost of administration, backups, support, and 24/7 monitoring over thousands of customers, we are able to offer our service at a lower fee. In comparison, downloading the open source edition requires IT resources to manage your installation and to ensure the safety of your data.


Preferred by Thousands

"We assessed several commercial CRM products and made a decision to migrate (from open source) to Vtiger on Demand in mid-2014. This decision was based on our past experience and satisfaction with Vtiger and their competitive price. The migration… was relatively simple and well supported by the Vtiger Technical Team"

– John Bradford, Marketing Manager at Breezway.

Basics Cloud Editions Open Source


Always Current 8


Not required $


Free $

24/5 email & phone support

Free $

Administration services

Free $

Automatic bi-monthly updates


Automatic backups


iPhone and Android apps

Contact Management


Profile scoring

Engagement Score


Email Marketing

Document sharing & tracking

Appointment scheduling

Task-based group inboxes

Phone calls & recording

Timers for cases (SLAs)

Business hour based SLAs

Print templates

Opportunity kanban view



Advanced reporting & charts

Related touchpoints


Global search

Smart reminders

Spreadsheet like editing

Follow records

Task manager

Direct mentions

Notification Center


Custom module builder

Redesigned customer portal

Gmail (Sidebar for Chrome)

Twitter integration

Xero integration

Office 365



Google contact & calendar


Advanced module customizations

Color coordinated picklists

Interested or new to Cloud CRM? Please visit our Vtiger Cloud page to know many more benefits and reasons to pick the CRM cloud technology.