Gratify Customers with a comprehensive SLA policy

Raise the bar for customer support expectations without any fuss. Vtiger presents you with a comprehensive SLA policy that covers all bases.

Base SLA resolution times and escalations based on issue types, customer priorities and other criteria. Then track it across every case.

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What is an SLA?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between a business and its customer. It outlines the services to be delivered within agreed-upon conditions and deadlines.

Define SLA policies

Define SLA policies based on customer, region, or functional area

Create any number of SLA policies that dictate how you should respond to cases under various scenarios of urgency. Create separate SLA policies for customers and internal teams.

response and resolution times for each SLA

Priority-based targets for response and resolution

Specify acceptable response and resolution times for each SLA, based on whether the case is deemed to be low, medium, high, or urgent priority.

Business Hours and SLAs

Intertwine Business Hours and SLAs

Specify the business hours that your support team is available to serve your customers (in specific time zones). Configure SLA policies for both business hours or calendar hours.

Foresight alerts

Foresight alerts draw attention to SLAs due

Configure automated email alerts to keep you in the know of approaching SLA targets. You can specify the threshold in minutes, hours, or days as well as add specific templates

Automatic escalations

Automatic escalations ensure key stakeholders are kept in the loop

Highly customizable escalation rules and alerts ensure that violated SLAs become the support team's priority, ensuring customer confidence in your organization.

workflows for SLA-based automation

Use SLA statuses in workflows for SLA-based automation

Use workflows to set up certain actions to take place automatically based on the SLA status of a case. SLA timer runs in sync with case status.

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