Data transfer made easy with Vtiger CRM's Import/Export

Are you worried about transferring data to or from Vtiger CRM? Relax, let Vtiger CRM handle the data transfer.

vtiger import and vtiger export

What is Data Importing and Exporting?

Importing is transferring any data in the file to the CRM in .csv, .vcf, and .ics formats from your local computer.

Export is the convenience of downloading the data from your CRM account to the local computer.

Vtiger CRM has simplified importing data

Importing contacts made easy

Contacts are the lifeline of a business, and they can come from different sources. Vtiger CRM understands the importance of your contacts to you. This is why it lets you easily import contact records into the CRM.

Directly import records into modules

Vtiger CRM allows you to import files in multiple formats like .csv, .vcf, and .ics. You can also import data from other CRMs to Vtiger with the help of migration.

Uncomplicated importing with field mapping

You can map columns in your local file with the CRM fields for direct imports. Matching field names between the local file and CRM are automatically mapped.

Simplified duplicate handling

Vtiger's Duplicate Handling makes dealing with duplicate records a breeze. You can choose how the duplicate records must be handled in the CRM or skip the checking altogether. You can also choose to create a new unique record or update the existing record when a duplicate is found.

Import summary for complete information

The import process summary will inform you of details such as the total number of records imported, updated, merged, skipped, and failed to import.

Track previous imports with ease

Vtiger CRM lets you view the import history with all the relevant details neatly organized.


Working outside the CRM? Don't worry, Vtiger CRM's Export has you covered

Export data in bulk

You can easily export in bulk through the List View. The exported data can be in .pdf or .csv formats.

One record at a time

The Summary View lets you export one record as a PDF file to your computer.

Every report tells a story

Vtiger CRM allows you to export reports as well.


Syncing with integrations

Stay synced with social networks

Install the Vtiger Enrich Chrome extension to create or enrich contacts directly from various social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Vtiger Enrich helps you save time and keeps duplication at bay by finding matching contacts.

Efficient syncing with Office 365

Effortlessly sync contacts, emails, and calendar events between Vtiger CRM and Office 365. The Sync Log lists all the records synced except emails. Please note that emails can only be synced (one-way) from Office 365 to Vtiger CRM.

Sync emails from Outlook

Move emails to the vtcontacts folder in Outlook to sync it with Vtiger. Please note that emails can only be synced (one-way) from Outlook to Vtiger CRM.

Seamless syncing with Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendar

If you use Google apps, then you can sync documents between Vtiger CRM and Google Drive for easier access. You can even sync contacts and calendar events from Google seamlessly.

Upload from Dropbox for boundless access

Upload documents from Dropbox to Vtiger CRM to access them seamlessly.

Streamline campaigns by syncing with Mailchimp

Augment your campaigning efforts by syncing Vtiger CRM data with Mailchimp. This integration lets you sync contacts and campaigns from Vtiger CRM to Mailchimp, lists from Mailchimp to campaigns in the CRM, and both ways stated above.

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