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Keep your finger on the pulse of your sales and support teams with Vtiger's insights. The sales and support insights highlight key metrics such as teams' activities, performance, deals, backlogs, violated and escalated cases, SLA performance, etc.

vtiger crm insights

What are Sales & Support Insights?

Sales and support insights comprise all analytics that analyzes data about customers and internal teams to present in facilitating and streamlining better business decisions.

sales pipeline health

Visualize the health of your sales pipeline

The highest level measure of your organization's health is the values of your sales pipeline and wins at any time. The pipeline value chart shows you growth and contraction in these values over time. See an interesting trend? Use the tabular data below each chart to trace its source to a sales person, sales stage, or other source.

Stay updated on SLA Performance and Customer Satisfaction survey

Get information about the SLA fulfillment rate and customer response on the satisfaction survey. Ascertain customer satisfaction levels with the help of survey responses.

Case studies

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Take flight

PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure light enthusiasts are not left in mid air.


XSEED automates its entire sales process with Vtiger CRM.

Hack growth

Hacker Earth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger.

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