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In 2008, just 12% of organizations utilized cloud-based CRM - This figure now expanded to above 90%.

Are you looking out for the perfect cloud-based CRM for your business?

Vtiger Cloud (On-Demand) is a leading player in the cloud CRM domain that will give you access to real-time customer information anytime, anywhere. Affordable, easy-to-use, secured, maintenance-free, and flexible, it is ideal for customer-centric businesses.

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Why Choose Vtiger Cloud as an Ideal Cloud-Based CRM Software?

Vtiger cloud or Vtiger on-demand CRM software can give your business a competitive advantage. Complete access to customer data helps in better decision-making and team collaboration. Here are the top reasons to choose Vtiger cloud solutions for your organization:

Highly secure and prevents any data loss or intrusion - GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Uninterrupted access to contact data - teams can work around the clock, from any geographical location as long as they have an internet connection.

Completely scalable as organizations can increase capacity according to financial budget, goals, and size.

Hassle-free installation and no major maintenance issues.

Flexible and customizable to business requirements.

Free and responsive support team to resolve all technical issues.

Easy integration with other apps.

Comprehensive services at an affordable cost.

What is Cloud CRM?

Simply put, cloud CRM (or CRM cloud) is a customer relationship management system that is completely hosted in the cloud. Customer data is stored securely and is accessible through the Internet.

Most companies have migrated CRM technology to the cloud as it is flexible and cost-effective. Users can easily access CRM applications through web-based tools or browsers. Team members of an organization can log in to the CRM software from anywhere in the world, from any Internet-enabled device.

Benefits of Cloud-Based CRM Technology

Cloud-based CRM software enables organizations to provide customers an exceptional experience. They offer integrated functionality and features that allow businesses to compete effectively and retain clients. Here are some significant benefits of cloud CRM systems:

1) Easy-to-Use

Cloud CRM solutions are incredibly user-friendly and navigable. They have simple drag-and-drop interfaces, interactive dashboards, and intuitive applications. This makes it easy for new users to embrace technology and use all the features to their advantage.

2) Mobility

Cloud-based CRM applications are accessible from anywhere - this increases mobility and keeps teams connected remotely. Since most CRM software is highly mobile-friendly, sales teams can access contact information on-the-move!

3) Seamless Installation

With cloud CRM software, organizations do not need to worry about complicated installation processes and technical glitches. All that is required is a stable internet connection - there is no requirement to pay for external servers, maintenance, or hardware components.

4) Secure

Security is a crucial concern for cloud-based CRM service providers. Automated back-up policies and data recovery plans ensure that there is no chance of any data loss or theft. Password protection, data encryption, and two-factor authentication further ensure data security in cloud CRM systems.

5) Customization

There is no concept of one-size-fits-all in CRM technology. Organizations can customize cloud CRM software to meet their business requirements. Most service providers allow companies to purchase additional modules, features, and business modules as they grow, making it a flexible solution.

6) Third-party Integrations

CRM software can easily integrate with existing applications that organizations already use for routine workflow. This helps in the smooth exchange of data, task continuity, and enhances visibility across the entire sales pipeline.

7) Cost Savings

A cloud CRM solution is a long term investment that reaps tangible benefits. It saves time by automating repetitive tasks, and this leaves team members free to focus on core sales activities, ultimately generating higher revenue.

8) Scalability

Cloud-based CRM solutions are scalable. Hence they can accommodate the needs of your growing business. Most service vendors allow organizations to purchase additional modules so that you only pay for required features and functionality.

9) Anytime Availability

Cloud CRM ensures that customers can get in touch with support agents at any time of their convenience. It enhances accessibility broadly, which ultimately leads to better customer service and higher satisfaction.

10) Affordability

Cloud CRMs are affordable as service vendors provide various pricing packages. It is a one-time investment that leads to long-term results and can be afforded even by startups and small businesses.

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