Streamline business processes with approval automation

Vtiger allows you to set up approval processes that adhere to your business operations.

With Vtiger's Approvals, you can approve quotes, campaign budget utilization, new hires, leaves, and so on.

vtiger approvals

What is an approval?

Businesses commonly encounter situations wherein an assent from a senior-level executive is required before processes can continue. This assent is referred to as an approval.

post-approval process

Streamline the post-approval process

Set up an action that should execute post the Final Approval or Rejection. This action can include sending email alerts, updating fields, or other custom functions.

approvals whatsapp notifications

Send notifications via WhatsApp

You can convey the approval or rejection action through WhatsApp message notifications.

approvals mobile screen

Ideal for the connected world

You can approve or reject records right from the Vtiger CRM mobile app itself. Never worry about leaving any approvals unfinished. Stay updated on-the-go.

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Take flight

PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure light enthusiasts are not left in mid air.



XSEED automates its entire sales process with Vtiger CRM.


Hack growth

Hacker Earth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger.

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